Ghost Adventures – Sacramento Tunnels – S04E23

So the guys heads to Sacramento to investigate the tunnels that are actually part of the original city. Because of floods and fires the city was basically rebuilt on top of itself. The tunnels now contain artifacts and trapped energy from the lives that have passed. While there are no specific incidents involving tragedy to individuals, the flooding, fires and cholera have certainly taken hundreds of lives over the years. Are those souls now trapped in the original walls of the city? People report feeling a presence in the tunnels, they see shadows moving around, furniture gets moved in the courthouse and voices call out to people.

As they begin the lockdown they hear lots of banging and footsteps right above them. The visitor center is right above them so they break away from the lockdown to check it out and find no one is in that building. It would make sense however that it would be real people walking around up there, someone on a bike or one of the many cars rolling right by where they’re investigating causing an echo and making that sound. It just seems like too much of a natural occurrence to put a paranormal spin on it.

As the investigation continues they claim to get multiple EVPs. There is a woman who doesn’t appear to like Aaron. There is a child that could be looking for help. Someone asks that the guys stop talking to them. And there are several other male voices that don’t actually make any sense. There is even a voice that is throwing out obscenities. It’s interesting stuff but once again it’s coming from those devices I just can’t stand and have no confidence in.

After the main investigation the guys split up to cover two other sites – the courthouse and the Eagle Theater. Nick supposedly hears what sounds like furniture moving around, but he doesn’t actually find anything out of place. Aaron, who is still in the tunnels, starts flashing some cash around and says the spirits can have it if they talk to him. On a recorder in another room there is a voice claiming it will take the cash.

On two different occasions Zak claims to see a large shadow moving around. They claim to get one of them on the camera. I think it’s a bit of a stretch to say that’s a shadow figure walking away from them. It also seems a little odd that Zak can see a dark figure moving when he is supposed to be in complete darkness himself. How exactly does that work?

Another odd thing is the claim of the mist leaving the spirit box and taking the voices with it. All of that seems pretty strange to me. Are we sure the device didn’t just burn itself out? And as anyone who’s been around computers for a long time know, once you let the smoke out the box nothing works right any more. :) I will admit, there does seem to be something going on with the box right at that moment.

I thought the tunnels were really neat, but like the Madame Tussauds episode I’m really not seeing the paranormal connection. There is no definitive haunt or happening that they’ve come to check on. Being in a dark and dank tunnel will surely make your mind wander but that doesn’t immediately make it haunted. I sort of wish they would have spent more time talking about the history of the place, I actually find that to be the most interesting part.

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