Paranormal Challenge – Waverly Hills Sanatorium – S01E06

I will admit right off the bat that I think Waverly Hills is one of the creepiest places out there. If the stories are true, it has got to have one of the most overwhelming histories of sadness and death. Thousands of people died from disease. Other died of hopelessness. And still others took their lives out of desperation. To open as a state of the art hospital and then decline into a storage site for those waiting to die is tragic. So if something is out there, if spirits linger in a place of sorrow and misery, this very well could be the place.

For this episode we have the all female team of EPIC Paranormal investigating against the all male team of Dark Alley Paranormal. I was less than impressed with last week’s episode and the teams presented. But these teams actually seem to know what they’re doing. Dark Alley makes some mistakes by standing around and leaning against the walls too much, but each team comes across as well organized, understands how to use the equipment, understands the history and nobody loses any equipment.

As far as evidence goes we have the usual suspects of orbs and some garbled EVPs. Orbs are of little value and the EVPs are pretty useless. The loud bangs that Dark Alley Paranormal hears in the body chute are very interesting. However, are they legitimate bangs being made by spirits or is that just the sound of the building creaking and settling as it cools in the night? Further, could that be some animal digging around and making a burrow? Unfortunately we can’t tell and Dark Alley didn’t run toward the noise to do more investigation.

They also missed an opportunity when they hear loud moans in the building. I agree it was so pronounced it could have been coming from people outside, but they didn’t follow up on it. They didn’t investigate that noise and instead just kept walking. I think that was a terrible mistake. They should have gotten to the bottom of that and at least shown some debunking skills.

As for the ladies of EPIC Paranormal they did some great work with showing empathy to nurse who killed herself, they talked about the procedures and what it might have been like to be a patient there, and they go headlong into the body chute. That was seriously some fearless investigating.

Unlike the other teams there wasn’t any petty arguing and bickering. The teams didn’t seem confused and overwhelmed. In fact they came across as really solid investigators. I hope we see more like them in the future.

Again, the evidence was light, but I think Waverly Hills is the epitome of spooky and I really enjoyed watching these teams investigate this site.

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