Paranormal Challenge – Jerome Grand Hotel – S01E12

For this episode, we head out to Arizona to the Jerome Grand Hotel, which is actually very exciting for me since a very good friend of mine lives in Arizona and we’ve been to this hotel. Ironically, we had no idea it was haunted. Too bad we missed out on that opportunity. I’m hopeful I can get back there sometime next year so we can have a look around for ourselves. For now, we have the SAGAPS team and the Living Proof of the Paranormal investigating this old mining town to see what they can come up with.

I have to admit a touch of disappointment that Chris Fleming is once again a judge for the challenge. I just can’t get behind his methods or interpretation. However, for this episode he seemed much more controlled and analytical about the results.

So how did the teams do? They both seem pretty calm and confident as they make their way around the site. There isn’t the usual swearing, yelling and confusion that so many other teams have displayed. In fact, compared to the chaos other teams cause these two seem positively sedate. Both teams walk into a room and listen and get a feel for it. They don’t just go in and ask a string of questions without waiting for a reply then storm out when nothing happens.

When it comes to the evidence however, I don’t think either team captured anything solid and in fact we see one of the blunders where a member of the team captures their own voice and mistakenly thinks it’s an EVP. It’s not a horrible mistake and we’ve seen it happen a couple of times. But, it does go to show that you have to be extremely careful with EVP sessions since any noise, whisper, rustle or footstep could be misinterpreted and considered evidence. The other audio evidence the teams present are unfortunately pretty weak as well. It’s really hard to make anything out of those noises. I’m not the only one, the judges aren’t on board with them either. As far as the visual evidence, I agree with the judges and believe the photo evidence to be nothing more than matrixing. I don’t see the head in the doorway and the face in the FLIR just isn’t good enough.

There were a lot of scraping noises, some rumbles and other bumps going on, but there is nothing to say those were paranormal. It could been the building settling, the wind (as they say there was a breeze), people walking around or something more earthly. They were certainly worth more investigation,but for now they don’t lend themselves to evidence of the paranormal. Since it’s a hotel, this would have been a prime opportunity to stay the night in the haunted rooms and collect evidence all night long. Two suicides took place in room 32 so spending the night in there could yield all sorts of interesting results.

These were some fun teams to watch and presented themselves in a calm and collected manner. I liked the Solo Cam where we see Jim from SAGAPS take the bull by the horns and step into the elevator shaft to look for Claude Harvey. He’s not skittish, he’s not jumping around at every sound he hears and doesn’t seem nervous at all. I think that’s impressive as hell. It’s kind of dangerous, but full marks for committing himself to the challenge.

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