Another false start for Savannah hauntings

My Savannah trip has me very excited about it’s haunted houses and mysterious past. But what I keep finding are false starts and dead ends. Here’s another example of a story that let me down.

A website I was reading had a picture of a house where the woman who took the photos sees two evil red streaks in the photo. You have to look at the enlarged original, but there they are, two wild swirls of red in the window.

The picture was taken during twilight and her camera doesn’t like low light. The lines follow the same horizontal pattern basically mirroring each other. Again you won’t find that in nature, which makes me wonder. It was getting dark and the camera doesn’t adjust well to low light situations. Based on my previous photography experience we’re looking at a slow shutter speed and fringing. Basically, a perfectly normal, just slightly blurred picture that catches some reflection off the glass. The camera is at a slow enough speed to capture the movement of the sun as the person taking the photo moves slightly.

Again, this just proves that people want to believe, just like Mulder said.

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