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Ghost Adventures – Riverside Plane Graveyard – S17E06

ga-riverside.jpgZak and Ghost Adventures continue their tour of California with a visit to the March Field Air Museum in Riverside where there are claims of voices, cameras getting tipped over, museum artifacts being thrown and the residual energy of a family that used to live on the site where an airplane hanger now sits.

Employees of the museum claim to have had experiences such as the feeling of something gong through them, voices and and even talking to one of the entities on a Spirit Box.

There is also a visit from Michael and Marti Parry, who give details about their location despite not knowing where they are.

For the investigation, Zak, Jay and Dakota start in the war artifact exhibit where they debunk several claims whether they realize it or not. They become extremely excited when not one but two TV monitors turn on.

A device turning on is hardly proof of the paranormal, but these are motion activated monitors. They are meant to turn on when guests get near them.

Next, they claim to see the shadow of someone walking around. This, and the other claims of moving figures, are the lights from nearby traffic casting shadows.

Next, they head out into the plane graveyard where they see shadows figures and hear the noise of someone making an escape. This turns out to be animals because there is clearly a large supply of animal droppings right in that location.

In the Restoration Hanger, Billy states that his walkie talkie falling over in a doorway is a sign of the paranormal. And that a stick figure appearing on his hacked up SLS is an apparition. And that the back pain he exhibits in multiple episodes is further proof that an entity is with them.

Next, Billy and Aaron unveil a wickedly dubious device called the Paranormal Music Box. This is supposed to play music whenever a spirit gets close enough. They use this in two locations to prove that spirit energy is with them. There is no possible way this could go off by other means or through remote control.

There’s really nothing else to discuss as this episode is ridiculously silly. I have the utmost respect for those who serve and have served our country, but this episode debunks itself.

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Ghost Adventures – Tintic Mining District – S17E04

ga-tintic-occult-tedWhile still out West, Zak visits Eureka, Utah to investigate the Tintic Mining District, an area where large deposits of gold and silver were found in the 1890s. The mayor has extended an invitation to investigate many of the old and abandoned buildings and offers up a bit of history.

Back in 1917 there was a Spanish Flu epidemic where 500 people died and were buried in a mass grave. Additionally, a Marshall was shot and killed in 1915 by his prisoner. To be honest, those are pretty mild events considering the time period. But fear not, Zak will do his best to make link to these events.

And opportunity presents itself when they visit the Gatley building and see a water well inside. When the rumor is presented a gun was thrown down there, Zak immediately says it’s the gun related to the Marshall shooting.

Another opportunity presents itself as they are told about the Fitch mansion and the mysterious events going on. An investigator named Zackary explains that he has been to the mansion and seen terrible things he can’t explain. There was a book of witchcraft, occult objects, and some human hair. These are working of devilry and Zak is determined to know more.

Billie, the owner, explains she has a roommate who studies the works of Aleister Crowley and does Cabalistic readings. He is very intuitive and sensitive. Zak is very quick to call out and denounce these “rituals.”

The investigation starts at the Gatley building, where they have brought along Julie Jordan of People Magazine. As they begin, Julie feels a cold “breeze”. The fact she keeps saying “breeze” forces them look around and they find a crack leading into the building causing a draft. Too bad they don’t do this with other “cold spots.”

Billy does some investigating on his own, and after trying to provoke the spirits, he trips over something in the dark, but claims it was a dark entity leaping off the wall at him.

They shift gears and head up to the Fitch Mansion where they sit down to a summoning ritual with Ted. You can immediately tell this is a load of nonsense as Ted says, “We need this mirror, but I don’t know why.” He then proceeds to make a mess of things to the point where Jay, being the conjurer that he is, interrupts to explain how things should be done and tries to get back on track.

Instead of calling BS on these shenanigans, Zak says Ted is making things more dangerous as he is performing the ritual incorrectly and making the entities mad.

Despite this obviously being a hoax, Zak claims his name comes across on the recorder. This is followed by a mass of static he claims is a demonic entity screaming at them from the great beyond.

There is really no need to go into more detail about this episode as it was such a nonsensical farce. Ted and Billie were obviously hamming it up for the camera and trying to put on a good show to scare the locals. The other buildings are nothing more than neat looking, old, abandoned buildings-relics of an old mining town. This episode seems nothing more than a way to drum up some tourist dollars for a town that probably has interesting things to see, but needs a hook to draw a crowd.

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Ghost Adventures – Westerfield Hotel – S17E02

ga-westerfield-hotelFor the next investigation, Zak visits the Westerfield Hotel, a location with a “demonic infestation” due to visitors such as Anton LaVey, Kenneth Anger, Bobby Boselie and Charles Manson. The first two being associated with Satanism, the latter with murder.

Rituals were conducted in the tower and were even filmed for some highly dramatized and most likely drug induced footage. There are claims that portals to Hell were opened inside the house and Zak believes he was drawn to this house because he bought a model doll house of the Westerfield Hotel from an antique shop.

They speak with Kenneth Anger who says they performed “summoning ceremonies”, and that they were “calling for entities.” Zak is chomping at the bit for Ken to say they tried to conjure up the Devil and that he “created a residence for Satan himself.”

Zak steers the conversation to Ken and his affinity for the works and beliefs of Aleister Crowley. We also hear about how those with substance abuse problems fall victim to the darkness of the house.

At this point, Zak has done everything he can to whip up the cliche and hysteria of the “Satanic Panic.” To tap into this darkness, he and Jay will perform their own ritual in the tower, to “open the gates” (of Hell?), but rest assured, when they perform conjuring it’s not black magic, Satanic or Devil Worship. Even though reading from a book of ancient Sumerian text is too dangerous to acknowledge or allow the words to be captured on audio, rest assured, this is merely in the name of research and exploration. Funny how he doesn’t see that for anyone else.

As they get started, they hear the usual creaks, bangs, pops and the sound of footsteps associated with an old house. They also hear clicks and burps on their walkie-talkies, which are the demonic entities trying to make their presence known. We even get the declaration of a cold spot and a sighting of Anton LaVey.

Their conjuring must be working because the Talking EVP throws out the word “Rage.” It should come as no surprise that right after, both Zak and Aaron act like they’re being taken over by some sort of unseen force. At least we don’t have the previous throwing of devices or punching of firsts into the wall.

Aaron leaves the room to investigate downstairs, but claims he is stopped on the stairs by an invisible wall. Since it’s invisible and can’t be recorded, we have to take Aaron’s word for it.

Meanwhile, on the Spirit Box, a demonic conversation is heard. One voice asks, “What do you want?” Another answers with, “you.”

After heading back upstairs, Jay and Aaron both claim to see a shadow figure atop the tower which is supposed to concentrate the spiritual energy. The hacked up SLS camera confirms there is a stick figure afoot. But it’s not just a stick figure, it’s a goat figure. No wait, is a three legged creature. No wait, it’s pouring stuff on Jay’s head.

We finally have a disoriented Jay trying to leave the tower, yet there is another unforeseen force blocking his path. Not only is this powerful entity stopping Jay from walking in a straight line, it’s capable of knocking over a camera placed on a tripod. Then again, it could have been gravity. Or gravity and a faulty camera leg. Or a camera placed on a bad angle.

While the history of the house is intriguing, they certainly don’t capture anything that lives up to the “demonic infestation” and “residence for Satan.” Ironically, LaVey didn’t believe in a God or a Satan. They were merely symbolic and the antithesis of other religious beliefs. It’s not worth getting into a debate about such things, but it’s pretty obvious Zak latched on to a few keywords and ideas and tried to whip up the flames of panic as much as he could. Too bad his evidence doesn’t support anything of the sort.

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Ghost Adventures – Idaho State Reform School – S17E01

ga-idaho-reform-schoolWith the Graveyard of the Pacific behind them, Zak, Aaron, Jay and Billy kick off another season with a visit to the Idaho State Reform School, which has now been converted into family living.

The original Idaho Industrial Reform School was established in 1903 and was home to many wayward youth. Like so many other facilities of the time, it’s safe to say this one did more harm than good. With allegations of abuse, mistreatment, and even deaths, the school was ultimately closed. However, on the grounds are 20 graves and at least one report of suicide by a girl who was 14.

Zak talks to Barrett and Demi, who have a few stories to tell, one of which involves bite marks on Demi’s arms. Barrett introduces his brother Magnum, who apparently has a close relationship with a few spirits, including one that has taken up residence in his room. “She” protects him from the spirits in the infirmary, the building next door, because they are mean to Magnum.

The story of spirits in the infirmary is also discussed by the Gould family who used to live there. But it’s not just a shadowy figures or a mass darting around the corner, the sisters claim they used to play with the ghost girl as though she were a real child. And when one of kids got locked in a cupboard, the ghost of a doctor was the one who undid the latch and let her out.

For the investigation, Zak tries to make contact with Hope, the girl who committed suicide, by bringing her some candy. Aaron seems rather moved and gives Hope a heart felt “thank you” for watching over Magnum and keeping the mean sprits away from him.

While Hope doesn’t take any candy, the SLS camera picks up a stick figure against the wall for just a moment. To go along with her appearance on the hacked up camera, they get the words, “Happened”, “Touch” and “Sing” on the Ovilus. The first two words don’t paint a good picture.

As Aaron moves on to investigate on his own, he gets “Girl”, “Female” and “Electric”. This last coincides with the power drains they begin to experience on their equipment. At least we don’t have Billy freaking out and yelling in frustration.

To get a feel for what it’s like to be in the isolation room, Zak tricks Aaron into going in, then locks the door. Not only was this an ass thing to do, it locked Aaron in as there is no way to open the door from the other side.

Zak ditches Aaron and goes to investigate the infirmary. He and Billy get “we’re back” and a set or orbs. There is a lot of focus on orbs these days.

Feeling he needs to check on Aaron, Zak ditches Billy, who doesn’t want to stay in the building by himself even though he’s a grown man. Aaron has a bit of revenge as he absolutely scares the hell out of Zak, who more than likely soiled his pants, when Aaron jumps at the door and fills the room with his maniacal laughter. Zak also describes a light anomaly creeping along the wall just before he gets to Aaron.

In the infirmary, Billy starts to feel something is around him. Like episodes before, he starts to feel angry and frustrated. While he doesn’t lash out and throw equipment he’s letting the place get to him.

As a final shot, Billy captures another light anomaly on his phone that hovers for several seconds. Not sure why he had to use his phone, but that’s the way it worked out.

It would be hard to argue that life at the school was not pleasant, the “pure terror created by man” as Zak put it, really doesn’t present itself. For two buildings full of spirits, with at least one that’s a biter, the evidence and experiences are almost non-existent.

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