Ghost Adventures – Hotel Metlen – S13E07

image For this episode we’re off to investigate the Hotel Metlen in Dillon, Montana, an Old West hotel built in 1897. As Philly introduces the hotel, she claims there has been all sorts of paranormal events. She says she saw a shadow figure while laying carpet. The incident scared her so badly, she cut herself in the thigh. Based on that, carpet accidents are now the work of the paranormal.

Additionally, when her mother passed away, she asked for a sign. It came in the form of a glass that fell off the bar counter. Amanda, a former employee, says she saw a woman in a white dress. Bailey, the bar manager, says a dark cloud came over him one night and he lost track of time in a full bar. Zak attributes this lost time to possession.

Philly takes Zak and Aaron around the place and shows off coins she found in the wall while doing renovations. The coins are from the 1900s and while looking them over, they claim to get sounds from where Philly found them. There are other items like spurs, left behind from visitors long since jones.

Also, the third floor of the hotel has been sealed for 30 years. Philly says she is scared of the space and won’t go up there. But without much hesitation, she’ll let Zak investigate it.

As the investigation gets underway, they hear a loud bang from the third floor and a scream that sounds like a dog bark. We also have the sound of the ceiling coming down and the words, "great nana" on the Ovilus. Zak feels he captures a shadow figure on the thermal camera. To prove the existence of this entity, Zak asks the spirit world to confirm how old they are. When it answers 40, Zak is besides himself with joy, because that’s how old Aaron is. Not the age of the person asking the question, but someone in the room where they can make it fit.

As they contact the great beyond, they get reference to a closet. As they look around, they happen to find one, where they claim to hear boards moving. When old boards fall over in a disheveled closet, it’s proof of the paranormal.

Zak is taken to playing on people’s fear. To that end, he locks Aaron on the third floor. He wants to use that fear as bait. As Aaron waits alone, he gets, "taken" on spirit box followed by "want some", then "be gentle" and finally "you’re welcome". Zak believes they have caught paranormal sex on tape.

Later on, they bring out the Paranormal Puck 2, which they feel makes contact with Karen, a woman who might have killed herself in the bathtub. At the same time, Zak begins to feel drained and has a hard time standing up.

For the final experiment, they send Jay down to the basement without any light and an IR camera strapped to his chest. It’s only a matter of minutes before Jay is tangled in the debris and junk down there, crashing twice and toppling over into a terrible heap. At least Zak didn’t call his falling over in the dark the work of the paranormal.

Again, Zak feels there is a dark energy in the hotel, perhaps one that’s demonic. But what supports this idea? They capture the usual noises of an old building, see the usual orbs and make plenty of assumptions. But demonic forces? Further, how many women in white dresses are going to be seen in hotels associated with the West? This "sighting" has basically become cliche.

Despite the claim, there was no flying glasses. Bailey didn’t get captured in some time bubble, we saw no woman in white, no shadow figure fell out of the closet. There were some old boards, so that will have to be close enough.

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