Bonaventure Cemetery

Bonaventure is a place I’ve wanted to visit for nearly a decade. My friend Randy and I talked about it years ago before he moved to Arizona. He’d been there and spoke very highly of it. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see Bonaventure until the last day we were there, and by then we were running late to get back home. But even in that short time to say the place is breathtaking is an understand. It’s is indeed gorgeous. The trees covered in Spanish moss and the sago palms make it a spectacular setting. It’s an extremely large place as well. It would take hours, perhaps even days to make your way around to everything. I can see exactly why the Bird Girl statue was a chance discovery. The place is so massive and there is so much to see that you could walk right past it and not even notice.

But here are a few pictures featuring the trees, the statues and the memorial for Johnny Mercer.

Savannah_1-19-2012_165 Savannah_1-19-2012_167 Savannah_1-19-2012_169 Savannah_1-19-2012_173 Savannah_1-19-2012_176 Savannah_1-19-2012_179 Savannah_1-19-2012_185

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