Bird Girl as featured in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

We finally saw the Bird Girl as featured in the movie and on the book cover. I’m a little disappointed actually. She has nothing to do with Savannah, or a Savannah artist, or a little girl of some prominence or even Bonaventure. Its just a statue made in 1936 that everyone ignored until it’s picture was taken at the last minute for the book cover. The guy got lucky and photographed a creepy little statue for a murder mystery. I thought the statue would be steeped in history and lore. Absolutely not. It’s just a statue of a girl holding two bowls. It used to be in the cemetery, nowhere near Johnny Mercer or John Williams, but when people went down there to see it, it was yanked out of there. Now it sits in an art gallery where you can’t take pictures of it, this way you’re forced to buy little statues that cost an absolute fortune! They are trying to milk out every dime from tourists. It’s an interesting statue, but after learning the real story behind it, it’s commercialization, and it’s complete lack of a tie in to anything related to the movie or Savannah, I’m sort of put off.

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  • Bill Cummings says:

    you completely miss the significance of the Bird Girl statue. It is not symbolic of the book or film. It was paced on a young girl’s grave by a loving family, and over the years, became just another peace of funerary art commemorating another forgotten soul. Artwork for the dead, and the few people who notice it as they walk by. It symbolizes the Garden of the Good and Evil only as a haunting picture of the resting place of thousands of other forgotten souls; a permanent memory placed by long-forgotten parents; a proxy of memory for the ages.

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