A trip to Savannah – a recap

So here’s a quick recap of Savannah, what we did, what we liked and where I think it could be improved.

First of all, the vacation was wonderful. Savannah is a lovely city full of very nice people and excellent food. Even though I think we planned a bunch of activities, we didn’t scratch the surface of what it had to offer. I had a wonderful time and am looking forward to going back. If I had my way, we’d be heading back before the end of the summer.

But here’s what we did pull of:

Dinner at Pirate’s House – Decent food but way over priced for what you get. There is supposedly a ton of lore about the house, but getting anyone to talk about it was more of a challenge than I expected.

Ogelthorpe Trolley Tour – Interesting, but overall not very practical. The tour lacked any sort of real detail, the tour didn’t stop anywhere and the narration wasn’t anything different than what you get in a guide book. And we never used it for transportation after the tour was over. It wasn’t bad, but on my return trip we’ll either walk or bring bikes. It really wasn’t worth the money.

Ogelthorpe Haunted Trolley Tour – Again, an interesting idea, but it lacked detail and excitement. Unless you get scared when someone turns on the lights, this will probably leave you bored. Not on my list of things to do again. I think I’ll give one of the walking tours a try next time. Mind you, there are about 10 different ghost tours available. At the least I’ll do the one for Bonaventure.

Riverboat Dinner Cruise – Loved it! Excellent food, fun atmosphere, good music, attentive staff that want you to have a good. Would love to do it again and will probably do the murder mystery boat ride next. Well worth it. I think this would be fantastic in late summer.

Breakfast at Goosefeathers – Excellent Eggs Benedict, but the place is packed in the morning. It’s affordable and there’s gonna be a line out the door.

Churchill’s – Nice little pub. Very busy. Very tasty Steak and Ale pie. Not a grand selection of beer though. Worth dinner at least once.

DoubleTree Hotel – Very nice and in a great location. It’s right across the street from the river so it’s pretty convenient to everything. Very friendly staff and a convenient pickup point for tours. Careful though, they do charge $15 a day for their valet parking and you can’t say no. This little charge was added to the bill on the last day. Bit of a surprise. I’d stay there again though because I had no issues whatsoever.

Huey’s – We didn’t have dinner, just dessert and drinks. They apparently have a great eggs Benedict, but again, I didn’t try it. That’s on the list for next time. Not a bad selection of beers and it’s right on the water so that’s not too shabby. They have live entertainment as well. I’m certainly willing to head back and give it a full look.

So there you go, that’s my trip. Probably way more information than you ever wanted to know. But, if you’re planning a trip out there it might be of help or at least some interest. As I said, I can’t wait to get back out there. However, I think we’re going to investigate Blackbeard first.

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