Haunted Collector – Stirring the Dead and Ghost Writer – S02E06

Lorain County, Ohio

For this episode we head to Lorain County, Ohio where a woman claims the paranormal activity has increased since she started renovating the house. She claims to have seen an apparition, hears footsteps and has the feeling she’s being watched. Things seemed to start when she removed a boot from the wall while doing some renovation work.

As things get rolling it sounds like the radios in the basement are playing some sort of circus music. However, all the radios are unplugged and most of them don’t work. Unfortunately, the team doesn’t come back around to investigate any further.

There is a story about one of the previous owner’s children being killed on the railroad tracks. Ironically, at least to John and his team, they uncover a compass in the basement crawl space.

Without any real connection or supporting evidence, John ties the compass to the death and that the boy is lost and removing the compass will somehow help him find his way. I’m s little confused by this. How is removing the compass going to help? Won’t he be even more lost? I also think it’s just a convenient connection to link the compass to the boy. There is nothing to suggest it was his. The timeframe seems correct, but there is no engraving, no markings, no name, no other personal items to associate the compass with any one person. They are making a story to fit the evidence and drawing conclusions that support it.

They also have a plan to put the shoe back in the wall and seal it up. This will contain the energy and protect the house. John says this is an ancient tradition and that a shoe will ward off evil. I’ll have to look into that one, because I’ve never heard of such a thing. That would be a new bit of lore coming into play.

In the end, John takes the compass from the house, encircles it with salt and believes this will stop the problems. According to the end credit, there is still activity there. Yeah, how about we go back and investigate some of those radios some more. If spirits can communicate through them, perhaps John and his team should listen a little harder…

Tipp City, Ohio

John investigates another business that has had activity going on for quite some time. People claim to get touched, hear footsteps and feel a presence. There are claims of a previous owner dying and a fire in one of the rooms. A child is also supposed to play in the "mystery room", moving toys on a regular basis.

John makes another interesting comment almost suggesting that people are letting their imaginations get the better of them. And in the end there might be a lot of validity to that.

Jumping right in I have to ask, why do people keep all the boxes of junk they immediately show to John when he gets there? If you think it’s causing a problem, throw that shit out! You know, these straight razors and this box full of tools could be causing a haunting in my shop and I have absolutely no room or reason to keep them, but you know what, I think I’ll keep anyway, just in case. Why throw away perfectly good junk?

The first thing we notice about this place is the insane levels of EMF going on. The whole place is flooded with those crappy fluorescent bulbs and the meters are off the charts. If that’s supposed to cause anxiety, nausea, fear, and other sensations, why not tell the owner to replace those damn things? That’s never even mentioned to her. No wonder that woman started to feel sick, the lights are horrible in that place.

It’s interesting they want to make something out the book that flew off the shelves by a convicted killer, but let’s be realistic here, those shelves are wobbly as hell, are all hand made and probably uneven, a book falling would be perfectly normal. It would be more unusual for it to never happen.

The one thing that’s interesting is the ball moving. It does appear to "jump" as though hit or kicked. Is that the spirit of the little girl? Since there is no evidence of a little girl dying there, why do they think there is a spirit there? Sure, I admit, that ball moved, no doubt about it. And it was cool as hell. But how about we do some more experiments and see if the floor rattles, was it shaken by someone walking, or is there some odd draft that caused the effect. Nothing of weight moved, so let’s not jump to too many conclusions just yet. The building is well over 100 years old, are we really saying that a draft, uneven floor and people walking around couldn’t cause that same behavior?

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