Ghost Adventures – Stardust Ranch – S12E12

image For this investigation, Zak heads to Arizona, a location he says is a cauldron of paranormal activity. The destination is the Stardust Ranch in Rainbow Valley. And the reason for the visit? Well, the owner, John Edmunds and his wife claim they have occurrences of alien abductions. John has a slew of tales and experiences including seeing his wife levitating high above their bed, to alien crafts above his house to even taking a samurai sword to them. John claims to have killed 18 of the alien creatures and unloaded clips from his AK-47 at their craft. John’s wife claims to have been sexually molested by the aliens. Further, as John was giving an interview, strange figures can be seen in the background, which John believes were the entities making their presence known.

As mentioned, John says he has killed 18 of the aliens, although their bodies apparently disappear after being killed. Despite that, he was able to gain a tissue sample from his alien killing samurai sword and sent it off for analysis. It was claimed to contain plant matter and chlorophyll. Unfortunately, the doctor studying the sample died under mysterious circumstances and the samples have disappeared.

After purchasing the property, John had a strange man show up saying he was the one who kept the monsters away. Additionally, they talk with Brandy Howe who has tired to cleanse the house and she believes there to be a portal within the home. Further, she spoke to the spirit of a boy who killed himself in the house after a shotgun blast to the head.

Adding to the list of people they talk to is Travis Walton, a man who was abducted by aliens. He says aliens have visited several times and the proof is abnormal tree growth in those areas.

As they start the investigation, Dave Schrader joins the team and notes there is extremely high EMF readings coming from the ranch. That night, along with Aaron, he sees strange lights in the sky. Meanwhile on the X Camera, there is a shadow figure moving across the room.

To start things off in the house, Zak has Ashely, the still photographer of the team, go into the house alone and lay in the bed where the wife has supposedly been attacked multiple times. While nothing appears to happen, when Zak retrieves her, she says her arm is numb and later there is bruising.

While Ashley is in the house, Zak and team set up motion cameras around the property since several horses have been attacked and decimated. It’s at this time that Dave says he would like to stay out on the property on his own to see if he can make contact with the aliens.

During his time alone, Dave again sees lights in the sky and says he can hear something moving around.

Back at the house, they team uses Infrasound to try and generate frequency that might get the spirits to respond. It seems to have an effect on Zak, who seems to slip off into a trance. Additionally, Zak says he sees an orb of light. He believes this could be an alien presence trying to make contact. It’s at this time Aaron hears what he thinks is a hiss and the Ovilus 5 giving out the words, Brown Mist.

In the end, they get Dave back without any harm coming to him and while there might have been a ball of light, Zak doesn’t appear to make contact with any alien life forms.

To me, this is the most ridiculous episode Ghost Adventures has ever been involved with and that’s saying something. I’m not disputing the existence of aliens, quite the opposite, but this episode has every cliche and stereotype you can image. The only thing missing were Mulder and Scully.

Here’s a couple things that come to mind.

The shadow they see moving is a cat. That same cat makes the hissing sound Aaron hears.

A Doctor of Divinity is not a recognized doctorate degree.

Look up the Project Camelot group who John was giving the interview for when the aliens showed up. They make the Lone Gunman seem tethered to the earth.

Moving lights in the night sky? How odd. Have you been out into the desert of Arizona and seen the night sky? It’s amazing what you can see when the contamination of the city lights is gone.

Ashley’s arm going numb? As we see, she’s laying on it, that’s why it went numb. The bruises? It couldn’t possibly be from moving camera equipment and gear. Or, from bumping into something in the RV they’re using as HQ. Or from a jacket she was wearing. Perhaps she hit her arm the day before and by coincidence, the bruises just showed up.

The noises Dave hears? How about wild animals on the plains of Arizona.

Finally, Zak’s trance? We’ve seen that shtick so many times it’s lost all meaning.

The high EMF readings are the most likely cause of the problems the couple is experiencing and before they continue down the alien visitation track, maybe they need to get that checked out.

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5 Responses to Ghost Adventures – Stardust Ranch – S12E12

  • regina says:

    I`m from AZ. my hometown is not that far from there, but i`v never heard of this place. I have heard of Strawberry AZ. thats north of us and alien abduction there too, ever see a movie called FIRE IN THE SKY suppose to be true. anyway why not go to the domes? take Highway, 8 not that far from Rainbow valley, just the other side of Casa Grande. theres other places in AZ. too, abandoned homes, hotels and churches. I`m sure you can find them on line. good luck

  • Gervaise Christiansen says:

    I lived in Phoenix where I went to high school, graduating in ’62, and went to college in Flagstaff. It seems very strange to me that in all those years, I never heard a whisper about aliens, greys, ghosts or anything out of the ordinary. As a typical teenager, my friends and I spent a lot of late nights out in the desert and never saw any strange lights!

    I guess at least all this stuff is entertainment for the very gullable!

  • RottenOne says:

    This episode has the funk of the X-Files all over it and I think these folks have been watching far too many episodes of it. Unfortunately, and not to be rude, but I think there are some mental and health issues that would explain what these people are experiencing. And they need to get that EMF checked.

    Most rational people don’t associated little green men or greys with aliens. That’s the stuff of SciFi, whether it be books or television.

    This is all tinfoil conspiracy. Project Camelot is an interesting group to be sure. I believe one of their episodes centered on the Rothschild family and blending reptilian with human DNA in secret experiments and plots of world domination. The girl speaking was supposed to be the product of that experiment.

  • Joan Scheidler says:

    What a crock of crap

  • JOHNNY G. says:


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