Haunted Collector – My Mother’s Ghost & Paranormal Predator – S01E02

For this second outing John and his team head to investigate a home where a mother is having problems with objects moving and noises. The client has lost several family members over the past year so unfortunately death has been a fixture in her life for awhile. She shows John some of the places where activity has occurred and shows several items her mom was close to. She was very interested in figures of angels. John also checks out the painting and other furniture. He seems to have a roving eye like a guy at a garage sale.

They also investigate the bedrooms where a music box might of interest. They decide to set up an experiment for that night where baby powder is poured over the floor to see if they can capture footprints. Unfortunately the team commits one of the classic blunders and walks right through the baby powder. Definitely getting an amateur vibe off that move.

John says he picked up an EVP during the night which they happen to capture near the music box. When they play it back to the client she immediately says it’s her mother. Purple flowers doesn’t seem to correspond with anything they were talking about but it means something to the client.

Since the EVP was heard near the music box John takes it to an antique dealer to learn more. It’s an old item but there is nothing especially unique about it. Of course a music box is a personal item so it would have sentimental value. Based on that John feels he needs to remove it from the house.

The next investigation sees John going to a home littered with all sorts of animal carcasses. The owner claims he hears all sorts of things and his son constantly wakes up and is scared to sleep alone. Not to be rude, but if I had to sleep in a house full of dead animals and shark mouths stapled to the walls I probably wouldn’t sleep either. The house is looking pretty scary right off the bat. Tone down the taxidermy and the young fellow might make it through the night.

They sweep the house and get spikes from a cane that is hanging on the wall. But just as quickly as they get the reading it disappears. And then comes back again. This makes John suspicious so off it goes to the dealer. It turns out to be a cane gun which was somewhat unusual for the time but not unheard of. As you might expect there was a shooting involving a cane gun in the same area where the cane was bought. No surprise that the gun needs to be removed from the house. But John doesn’t stop there he takes some shark mouths out of the son’s room. Even though nothing is really recorded in conjunction with either of these items he wraps them up and takes them away.

Now that we’re two episodes in this show has me scratching my head. As I said before I like the research, I like the daytime investigations and taking baseline readings. However, this whole taking stuff out of the house seems like the work of a guy who just wants to build a collection of cool stuff for his museum. I mean who doesn’t want an old cane gun?

But the other major problem is that (according to his website) John takes these items out of the house and does a binding ceremony on them. That basically calms down the energy and then he stores them in a case if the energy is still too high. That being said why can’t he do that for his clients? Why can’t they do a binding ritual and keep their stuff? And if it’s still too dangerous then wouldn’t this museum of his be insanely dangerous for people to visit? Wouldn’t his very life be in jeopardy with all that negative energy? If it’s safe for him to be around and the public at large then why can’t the owners be around them now that they’re clean? That whole part just doesn’t make sense to me.

Further I think their assumptions and connections are somewhat flawed. Shark teeth have negative energy? A cane gun that may have nothing to do with a murder decades ago is the source of problems in your home? A music box is rousing up the spirit of your mom and she’s causing problems? I mean really these things seem a little farfetched.

I’m not sure if I like this show or not. Part of me likes the line of inquiry but the other part things this is a way to get your hands on some cheap antiques…

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