Haunted Collector – Uncivil Spirit & Revolutionary Ghost – S01E05

Haunted Collector – Uncivil Spirit & Revolutionary Ghost – S01E05

For the first investigation John heads to a home with ties to the Civil War. The homeowner claims that when her now ex-husband dug up a lead bullet that activity started in the house. This ranges from her feeling pressure on her chest to seeing apparitions moving around the house. Her ex-husband claims to have seen an apparition with a bullet in its mouth.

John and Beth wander around the house and when they get to the basement Beth feels ill. She keeps getting worse until she has to leave before she throws up. No real explanation so who knows? Meanwhile the guys are digging in the backyard trying to find a bullet. They eventually find one as well as a buckle and a button.

Since Beth felt ill in the basement and this is the sighting of the apparition John takes the items they found in the yard and puts them downstairs. As they start asking questions about surgery and operations they get activity on the meter. They also get a loud bang that supposedly puts a hole in the wall. And then for some unknown reason they bring the investigation to an end. What for? Stuff was starting to happen?

John takes his newly found items to an expert who says they’re from the civil war and more than likely the bullet was used during a surgery. The soldier would have bitten down on it during an amputation. John decides these items need to come home with him and that’s the end of that. But I have to ask, if the bullet is the problem wouldn’t it still be there as there are probably hundreds of bullets in the ground that have a similar story? If one bullet carries that kind of energy they all would.

For the next investigation John visits the home where a young man, Ken, is the focal point of paranormal activity. He claims to see apparitions and has the feeling of being stabbed and pinned to the bed. As John wanders around the house he makes a really big deal about a lock and a carved Tiki head. He’s basically trying to play the voodoo angle as though that’s the source of the problems. When they do the investigation however they find out that the guest room has high EMF readings and so does the drawer below the Tiki carving. There is all this dramatic buildup including the ominous music and then it all turns out to be nothing.

During an EVP session in the guest room they ask if someone died in there and as if on cue the lightbulb in the lamp explodes. That’s pretty dramatic stuff, right? Well, it turns out to be nothing but a power surge for the neighborhood. All I can say is at least they called the power company to debunk the problem, they didn’t just say it was a supernatural force.

The actual investigation of the house doesn’t turn up any results. They break out the Ghost Box but all it does it make that annoying noise.

With nothing else going for them John decides to look into the Baylor Massacre itself. There is a chance the house is on the site of the massacre. John also finds out the average age of a soldier during this time is 21. When the men were killed in the night they were stabbed with bayonets and pinned to the bed. John instantly draws the connection and claims that Ken in the trigger object for all this activity. John basically says if Ken moves out (which he should since he’s 21 for heaven’s sake) the activity should stop. I suppose we should forget about all those high EMF readings all over the house. We should ignore that perhaps Ken has an overactive imagination and is just having bad dreams.

But as you may expect, when Ken moves out of the house all the problems go away.

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