Haunted Collector – Haunted Rectory and Grand Midway Ghosts – S02E05

Rectory in Sedamsville, Ohio

We find ourselves in Ohio, where the team is investigating the site of remodeling project. Tim is working to renovate a rectory. Along the way he’s lost multiple volunteers due to odd activity in the building. There are reports of doors opening and closing, shadow figures, chairs sliding around, a suitcase moving on it’s own and plenty of unexplained noises. There is even the story of a priest being murdered in the rectory. They also notice lots of scratches on the doors and leftover dog kennels.

As they begin to research, they quickly dismiss the story of the murdered priest. No such story exists. However, they find a lot of evidence about dog fighting and animal cruelty in the direct area. It goes all the way up to a the police breaking up a dog fighting ring. From what they can piece together, it appears the rectory, when it was abandoned, was used to house the dogs before they would fight. It’s even possible and plausible, the fights took place in the rectory itself.

While looking around the house, Brian gets several scratches across his back. The same thing happened to Tim while remodeling. They are pretty noticeable, but the source is unknown.

During the actual investigation the team brings in a Doberman that wants nothing to do with that basement. He won’t go down the stairs and has a small fit when left alone at the top. He seems genuinely upset with something. Perhaps with good cause as the basement is where they found the kennels and ultimately find a "break stick". It certainly looks well worn with teeth marks and blood.

So what do we have here? Do we really have the spirit of vengeful dogs? Were the scratches on Brian’s back from animal thinking more abuse was coming? The dogs themselves were calling for help?

Murphy Residence – Windber, Pennsylvania

John heads off to Pennsylvania to investigate a hotel under renovation that might have some relics of it’s mining past still lingering. Blair, the owner, says there are reports of voices and whispers, a figure in the hallway, and there is a legend of woman who was killed on July 4 while watching fireworks. We can’t find a hotel without the story of woman being killed there.

John makes an interesting comment that the "atmosphere" might be causing people to believe they’re having paranormal experiences. When you mix mining towns with all the liquor, prostitutes, deaths and hard labor, you do get people expecting something to happen.

Also during the investigation they capture the sound of a whistle. They associate this with the whistle that used to go off when there was a mining accident. This would signal the town to come together to hear news about workers. If that’s the case, and since hundreds of workers would have been killed while working in the mines, it’s sound would certainly be associated with death. But are we sure it’s not a train whistle? I mean, they are next to some train tracks right? Sounds could be carrying from down the line? Did the sound happen at completely different time each day? Did they check if there was any train schedule there? Again, I think this is another big example of jumping to conclusions.

The discovery for the night is an old miners lamp. We all know the story of miners digging deep into the earth only to release methane or some other gas that would either asphyxiate them or blow them up. With the open flame of the lamp, explosions would be common. The thing that bothers me with this lamp and removing it, if there’s one, there has to be dozens, perhaps even hundreds. How does removing one change anything? As Blair mentions, there are 14 miles worth of tunnels or something like that. I really don’t see how taking this one item has solved any problems.

And what about that chair moving? Are we sure it’s not being rattled around by the trains or that the house isn’t vibrating because of the cars? There are tunnels you know and the vibrations would carry.

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