Haunted Collector – Ghost Tavern and Terror House – S02E09

Kings Tavern in Natchez, Mississippi

For this investigation we’re at Kings Tavern in Natchez, Mississippi where the tavern owner claims he hears a baby crying, his wait staff is getting touched and people are being shoved. There is also the rumor of "Madeline", the mistress of Mr. King, who was killed because of her affair. There is also the legend of a baby being killed in the tavern by Little Harp. Again, these stories are rumor, so who knows what the real stories are.

As they do their research there is no evidence to support either a Madeline, or a murder of a baby at the tavern. For the moment, those remain nothing but rumor have no facts to back them up.

The main investigation does reveal something interesting. While doing an EVP and asking if bones are buried under the floor, Aimee gets her hair pulled. There is also a bottle cap that lands on the floor. Just an interesting coincidence? Did Aimee just brush up against something or did she get it caught on the mantle?

They also capture the sound of what they feel is a baby crying. That’s not what I hear, but I wasn’t there so maybe it sounds different to them. I hear more of a scraping noise, but they are all in agreement on a baby noise. Plus, if Brian, the most level headed one in the group says he hears a baby, I will go with that.

As they look around they are "drawn" to a box where they uncover what looks like a very old baby rattle. It happens to be in the room above where they heard the baby noises. John takes it to an antiques dealer and it does indeed turn out to be a rattle from the late 1700s.

It’s interesting to note that there is no evidence to support that a baby was ever hurt in the tavern. And why would there be a rattle in the tavern in the first place? Does this give credence to the story? But you have to ask, are we saying a baby is responsible for all the activity in this place? Is any of the stories are true, how does this explain people being touched, hair being pulled, people shoved on the stairs and all the other comments? How does this explain the readings in front of the fireplace? People are reporting half a dozen different kinds of things and this rattle would only explain one of them.

I keep saying it, but this location also feels like it has more urban legend than facts associated with it. All the stories are legends. The death of mistress by a jealous wife makes for a good story. A injured baby shows the cruelty of some outlaws, even if those outlaws may not have ever been at the tavern. This location seems to fall inline with uneven floors, sticky doors, creaky floors, gusts of wind and other every day events rather than events associated with the paranormal.

Schuyler Lake, New York

In New York, the team visits another home where activity is keeping the kids out of their beds at night. Mom says they hear whispers, doors knobs moving, doors slamming and that the son wakes up to see red eyes looking at him.

After going through the house it’s not hard to come up with some completely down to earth explanations for what they see. As Brian says, the red eyes are the streets lights and brake lights of cars. The daughters room is filled with antiques, and while they may be all fun and games during the day they can be creepy at night. As we saw with the music carousel, mechanical objects can behave in funny ways and give off an eerie presence, but it’s all perfectly normal. To be honest, I think these people have so much stuff that they’re just letting their imaginations run away. I think a music box starting on it’s own would scare the hell out of a teenager. But there’s nothing paranormal about it.

However, the investigation reveals an EVP with the name of "Paul". They later discover there was a stabbing victim by the name of Paul. But it doesn’t have anything to do with the name like we would think, but rather a crappy ice pick the guys find down in the basement. It is also surmised that Robert Jones would have been acting as the town doctor so if someone was stabbed he could have been on the scene for treatment. Keep in mind, this is putting a lot of circumstantial evidence together to make a case. There is nothing to show this was the ice pick used. There is nothing to say "Paul" went to that house. There is nothing to suggest that any ill deeds took place in or around the house itself. Those are simply old items found in the dirt floor and in the walls of an extremely old house. It’s just as likely, none of these items have any relationship to each other and once removed there is the psychiatric effect that something has changed.

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