Haunted Collector – Priest Gun and Haunted Asylum – S02E04

The team is off to Sawyer, Michigan to investigate the home of an antique collector that says she’s seeing some unusual figures and hears some strange voices in her home. She collects items from everywhere such as a gun that was supposedly used in the suicide of a priest, a gold dental bridge she found on the beach and mourning jewelry. Some fascinating, but odd stuff.

The owner claims to hear voices in the house and has seen a shadow figure multiple times walking around.

Of course a gun used in suicide of a priest is riveting stuff, but the legend isn’t anywhere close to reality. I’m impressed at the investigation of the team. There was indeed the death of a priest in 1979. They were able to locate that through newspaper articles. They had the gun dated and it was made in 1985-86. Obviously, the two can’t be connected. The priest has nothing to do with the house and it’s just an ordinary gun.

As they continue the investigation, they see a shadow figure in the room with fireplace and where the dental bridge is kept. They really didn’t get much when they messed with this before, but now John feels there is more to it. It does look like a shadow moving across the wall, but as they show, there are plenty of exterior lights on so it could have easily been someone walking by. Why no debunking on this one?

Also, why didn’t they go in there and try to communicate? Why no EVP session. If that was a real shadow figure and there was a presence they had a chance to talk with the spirit and just decided to pack it in the for the night.How can they be so on the ball for researching the gun, but just so lax about this?

In the end John thinks the gold dental bridge is the source of the problem. It may have come out during a drowning or something similar. It may be related to a death in the lakes. And since the mysterious shadow was in the same room, the two have to be linked. The owner decides to turn it over to the police to see if goes with some sort of unsolved crime. There seem to be a whole lot of flaws with this episode, things just aren’t coming together for me. They barely get any evidence, stop far short from doing any proper debunking of that shadow, and out of all the items there, they go with the gold tooth? A little bit odd.

Radford Virginia – St Alban’s Asylum

Everybody loves a haunted asylum! And this one sounds like it comes with some decent stories. They have stories of one of the workers being lifted off the ground and thrown down the stairs. They have women getting scratched and their hair pulled. There is a strange axe that keeps showing up in different places of the asylum, an autoclave that is able to open itself and rumor of lobotomies. The current owner wants to turn restore the facility and turn it into a museum. I say to hell with that, open it as a haunted attraction. You have tons to work with already!

But anyway… There are some things to note about this place. It’s falling apart, it’s been vandalized, it’s more than likely got animals living in it and there is already the preconceived notion that it’s haunted. When you put that all together, people will naturally assume something is going on in the place.

The highlight of the investigation is finding a bizarre looking box tucked away in the corner. Sounds from the baby monitor have lead them to the spot. They discover it’s an early form of electroshock therapy. Primative and probably brutal. Patients would have it hooked to their head and voltage applied to calm their nerves and release their anxieties.

The part that bothers me here, other than the incredibly coincidental way in which they found this, and all their other relics, is that the owner wants to get rid of it. I thought this was supposed to be a museum? You have a true piece of medical equipment from the era and you want to toss it away? Right or wrong, that is how medicine is done. We can only learn from our mistakes. Sweeping it under the rug doesn’t do anyone any good. I think that was the wrong decision and it should have been kept and put on display so the story of it’s use and possible abuse could be told. Pity.

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