Ghost Adventures – Sharon Tate House – S09E01

image The Ghost Adventures team is back and for the kickoff to their new season they investigate the David Oman House, a location that is believed to be part of the infamous Sharon Tate Murders committed by none other than the Manson family. This location has been investigated multiple by time several different ground including Ghost Hunters, although I’ve never really understood why as this is not the location the murders took place, nor is it connected with Sharon Tate in any way.

You tell from the overly dramatic opening sequence, the Ghost Adventures Crew is really trying to sell the danger of this place. They even talk with several investigators and experts who will never step foot in the house again because of how bad it is. But oddly, David lives in the house just fine. In fact it’s loaded to the gills with all sorts of movie and sports memorabilia.

But let’s be clear on one point, the murders didn’t take place in this house. They happened a couple hundred feet away. This is not the location of the murders, nor did anyone stay in this house. Yet for some reason this house, and not the one that’s literally 10 feet away, is the hot spot for the activity. The house also sits on the site of some geomagnetic zone. No one bothers to go into detail about what that specifically means or what the effects would be. It’s just tossed out there and they move on. They’re more concerned with the exposed dirt on the part of the house that touches the mountain that a psychic medium claims is the resting place of an Native American. There is no evidence to support this fact, and of course no one has dug up or found any remains, but you always have to throw in the spiritual ties of the Native Americans to add credibility to your story.

Just to say it again, there are no reports of any activity from the house that is literally 10 feet away from David’s on this same mountain.

But on with the investigation so we can talk about Nick and his chronic stomach pains. From the moment he walks up to the house he complains of his stomach being twisted in knots. There is not footage of that, he only says it after David explains it’s a sensation other people feel. Better jump on board and make sure your symptoms match everyone else’s.

What evidence did they collect? Well, as you might expect the usual bumps and knocks. Since their on an incredibly sloped hill that doesn’t make sense at all. What we have is their collective experiences. The feels from a bunch of guys who’ve gotten themselves worked into a lather listening to all these warnings about the dangers of the house. There is no hard evidence, simply how the feel. The most we get it some silly little scratch on Nick’s chest. It doesn’t look like a hand or marks or scratches from the usual demonic force that Zak associates with these things. It’s simply a red mark that could have come from anything.

By the end of the night they’re running around Scooby and Shaggy, flipping out, stuttering and scaring themselves half to death.

And all of this from a location that has nothing to do with the murders they’re investigating. Nice money making racket Dave.

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4 Responses to Ghost Adventures – Sharon Tate House – S09E01

  • David Oman says:

    Really, Try this bit of info from Barry Taff who investigated the house 10 years ago and documented the Geomagnetic anomaly that exits here…I find your dismissal of the activity in my house and to be honest why does anyone have to have died here for their spirit to visit here? Seems like you have a problem with the “Rules of a Haunting” News Flash…There are NO RULES

  • Adrian Vigil says:

    So right! It’s the energy IN the house or around the house that attracks spirits, think about it (common sense moment) If you were a spirit that hadn’t moved on, would you stay in a spot where YOU were murdered and no one pays attention to you or go where the energy is and other spirits are? Spirits are just like you and me because they were once with the living, so if they don’t like someone of course they will hurt them, it’s obvious David has respect for them, therefore they give it in return,, DUH!!

  • lacey cooper says:

    I love Ghost Adventures very much I watch every single episode I just want to say to
    Zak Bagans , Nick Groff , Aaron Goodwin, billy tolley , jay and Ashley wasley I love you all.

  • Linda Jongste says:

    Sherry Hansen-Steiger and Brad Steiger wrote a book (Hollywood and the supernatural ). This book was published by Berkely in november 1992. According to this book Jay Sebring used to own the house. Sharon Tate stayed there one night when Jay was away and saw a ghost and a person with a slashed throat bound at the staircase. She spoke about it with Dick Kleiner. The house used to belong to Paul Bern who commited suicide there .
    This book was publised in 1992. Maybe David Oman read this book?

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