Ghost Adventures – Golden Ghost Town – S15E01

goldenghosttownTo kick off the new season, Zak and the team head to Wolf Creek, Oregon to investigate an abandoned mining town in Golden. It was owned by Reverend William Ruble, who put up multiple churches instead of the usual saloons, to instill a debilitating fear of the devil.

Right as Aaron sees the church, he makes the usual complaints of stomach pains and throwing up. They speak with Archbishop James Cloud who claims he was previously attacked by an entity and again within the last few minutes, punched in the stomach. He throws out the cliched rumor of occult practices at the abandoned church. In the church, they claim to hear footsteps and that evil is enveloping them.

Zak then asks about the “sanctuary” of witches in the area and their occult rituals. Zak is very particular to use “occult” and “ritual” in as negative a context as he can. He and James both agree the witches are conjuring demons with James going so far as to say their end goal is to bring about the ruination of souls. Clearly he has no prejudice towards the group.

For the next interview, they talk with Amanda who claims she was possessed by an evil spirit. She too claims stomach pains, that she suffered and internal battle and lost time. This leads in to Katherine, James’ wife, who also suffers from stomach pain and wants to throw up. To add to the drama, Katherine claims she has the shakes and can’t stand up. This is caused by an entity speaking through her to say it doesn’t like Zak being there. This is followed up by Nicole, who has a small break down and says this is exactly like the last time – meaning a possession is coming on.

Zak joins Amanda and Katherine in the church, and there’s not points for guessing that Zak begins to act like he’s possessed. He channels Jack Nicholson from the Shining and says the church feels great, but the ladies should leave.

For Day 2, Zak goes to visit the Oregon Vortex, a location where 15 ley lines supposedly intersect. They meet with Elena who takes them on a fun house tour to show them how the vortex energy pushes against them as they lean in a crooked house and how a straw broom can stand on its own. These are both exceedingly cheap tricks seen at amusement parks and haunted attractions all over the country. Any straw broom can be made to stand like that. Simply look up “gravity hill optical illusion” to reveal the nonsense Elena is spewing.

As they start the investigation, they claim to see a figure on thermal. It certainly could be a figure as it’s a real town and they can’t just shut it down. But, it becomes mysterious as Billy and Aaron go searching and can’t find anything.

While they’re out, they head into the general store, where multiple bats are flying around. This is also where Aaron goes into another typical fit saying he’s got shooting pain and his muscles are cramping up. Zak says this is the work of conjured spirits as there are stick figure totems attached by strings to the ceiling.

Zak brings in the SLS camera and as expected, it captures a stick figure, then craps out, making it the most unreliable piece of equipment ever. Again, Jay claims something is walking around, so Zak calls out William Ruble. This causes Zak and Billy to say something is coming toward them.

And in typical fashion, Zak, who is scared witless to do any of his own work, locks Aaron in the church. While Aaron captures nothing, Zak claims a black mass moves over the pews. Or it’s an artifact of the camera shooting in the dark.

With Aaron locked away, Zak and Billy have the crap scared out of them by a mysterious figure moving in the woods giving off light. It’s actually a deer and it’s eyes glow from the camera, like red eye.

Back in nerve center, they get static over their walkie talkies, which they claim is breathing. At the same time, the camera in the general store begins to zoom in and out, most likely caused by the bats flying around.

Also, the school house camera begins to do the same thing as a dust particle or “ball of energy” comes up from the floor. Going outside they see lights in the sky they can’t explain. Considering they couldn’t identify a deer, lights are utterly baffling. To add to the nefarious deeds of the night, they find one of the “Blair Witch” stick figures.

It’s safe to say this episode is riddled with over acting, prejudice, gullibility and whole heap of bullshit.

ZOMG! Vortex in aisle 12!!



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3 Responses to Ghost Adventures – Golden Ghost Town – S15E01

  • Ed says:

    I was waiting for Zak & Co. to return to television for their usual shenanigans and they didn’t disappoint. Right from the start, we were treated to evil vibes and demonic forces. A religious community is forced to close to due to economics. Of course, demons are going to move right in!

    Again, we have the possibility of pagans and witches, which, according to Zak, always spells trouble. They must be using the ruins of the churches and surrounding area to summon demons. They certainly can’t simply be practicing earth-based “practical magick”. Of course, Zak’s theories are backed up by a local bishop.

    We meet a few local “paranormal investigators”, one of whom is the Bishop’s wife. She can’t possibly have any pre-conceived notions of what might be lurking about! Also, as in many other ghost shows, we have absolutely no idea as to the background of these investigators, their methodologies, or other important facts. All we know is what they claimed happened to them. Zak pulls out his usual theatrics, this time with the Jr. GAC along.

    The trip to the Vortex was a fun time-killer. And – BONUS! – provided some great free advertising and public relations for the tourist attraction. Again, we have talk about the local witches and pagans and I’m surprised it’s not backgrounded with eerie sounds from a Theremin.

    During the investigation, a figure is spotted lurking around the buildings. Zak and the gang dismiss it as a person. However… if anyone if familiar with Oregon, many of the people there consider themselves to be outsiders. Some are – to be polite – not exactly living their lives within the law. It’s not beyond possibility that there are people nearby who know the woods, especially ways in and out which are quick and undetectable, and who are checking in on the GAC to see what they’re doing.

    More of the usual stuff as we’ve seen in the past. Zak treating Aaron like the hired help. Although it was great to see Aaron actually fighting back a bit and then later escaping his imposed lock-down through a window. Some vague and fuzzy EVPs which were apparently translatable to the GAC’s sharp ears. Noises which were explainable if some thought were put to them.

    All in all, back to normal for Zak et al. Next episode, I’m sure will be more demons and evil presences. And maybe some more witches too!

  • RottenOne says:

    I agree completely, this was a checklist of the laughable and cliche.

    Despite Elena’s ridiculous spin, the “Vortex” is nothing more than an optical illusion. There are no mystical or supernatural powers.

    It also strikes me how Archbishop James is using the same fear tactics as Reverend Ruble with his “their end goal is to bring about the ruination of souls.” No fire and brimstone there.

    Speaking of fear tactics, Zak really emphasizes the words “ritual”, “witchcraft” and “conjuring”, but let’s take a step back for a moment. Zak has participated in the rituals of the church for a blessing, has engaged in the rituals of the Native Americans regarding the Skin Walker, and has taken part in the rituals of exorcism. Rituals all round I see.

    Further, it’s not a problem for Zak to perform his own “conjuring” or “witchcraft” by demanding a “demon” or “demonic spirit” to manifest itself. Demanding a spirit show itself falls right into conjuring.

    I’m also taken aback by the archbishop’s wife participating in paranormal investigations. And to stereotype for a moment, her friend Katherine gives off the cliche appearance of a witch.

    Speaking of, if these witches really do exist, why would they speak to Zak and subject themselves to his religious bigotry? Because they were snubbed, Zak and team casts suspicion with, “makes you wonder what they’re hiding.”

    There was no evidence of witches, but plenty of grandstanding by religious zealots. Each claim started with the usual disclaimer of “We believe”, “the story goes”, “legend has it”, “what we’ve heard”, etc, etc, etc. Long story short, they’re making it up.

    The only tangible evidence they found were little stick figures ripped off from the Blair Witch Project.

    Finally, Zak’s ignorance comes shining through with his use of “witchcraft” to scare and elicit a reaction.

  • Sam says:

    Ooooh, aisle 12 is scary! In all seriousness my Walmart *is* a vortex to hell. But aren’t they all?

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