Remington Arms

Ghost Adventures – Remington Arms

The Remington Arms factory was once the largest supplier of munitions in the world. During it’s history its had explosions that have killed workers, been the scene of riots where employees have been beaten to death and at least two workers fell into a furnace and were incinerated. The working conditions were less than ideal(clearly no OSHA) which lead to plenty of deaths and terrible working conditions. Lots of former employees and security guards say they see all sorts of activity in the place. Does a place that makes weapons of violence beget violence in the afterlife?

It looks completely run down and as soon as Zak and crew get started Zak almost falls through the floor after coming right to the edge of a bunch of wide slots set into the floor. Not exactly a trip to Disneyland. The place has the usual bumps and bangs. There’s lots of sounds going on, but are those the sounds of spirits or just sounds of the building shifting and settling. It has a lot of machinery in it so all of that could be creaking as it expands and contracts in the night. I wouldn’t be surprised if iron stretching sounded like a moan in the night. Even though the place is abandoned it’s right off a main road so there are plenty of cars and trucks rolling by which could be shaking the place or rattling the works. It’s not isolated so you have plenty of external influences on what you see and hear.

The guys get lots of voices on the recorders, but again, they sound muffled and muted to me. Those are never discernable so I really don’t know what to make of them. One thing that was interesting was a really loud bang, like a gunshot, that was recorded by one camera but not the other. What makes it unusual is that the camera on the first floor didn’t capture it, but the one on the fourth floor did. They both capture a car horn (so we know there traffic right outside the building) but only one gets the shot. I have no idea what that means, but it does strike me as odd.

Remington Arms has a bad history so who knows what’s going on out there. They did get a few things on their recorders but is the place really haunted? That’s hard to say. It certainly has all the makings, but I didn’t see it on this trip. I feel it’s pretty easy to explain away a lot of what they heard as normal sounds of an abandoned building.

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