Ghost Adventures – Wyoming Frontier Prison – S07E18

For this episode the guys are off to Wyoming to investigate a prison with a violent history. At least that was the original intent, but by the time they actually get out there they’re doing everything but investigating the prison.

We catch up with the guys in an RV as they make their way to a prison that could have a death toll as high as 200 inmates. There are many confirmed deaths as prisoners on Death Row met their end either by hanging or the gas chamber. But there is another side to the story which speaks of prisoner on prisoner violence. There are several stories on inmates hanging each other, throwing people over the ledge and ever turning on the guards and bludgeoning them to death.

I have to say I’m confused by this investigation. Instead of focusing on the prison and the interesting albeit dark history, they end up staking out some home where odd events have been reported in the garage. We then spend the next 20 or so minutes in the library and then wandering the streets looking for the owner of the "garage" so they can look into it. What’s going on here? Do we really want to watch footage of them sitting an RV eating pretzels and farting on each other? When this sort of thing happens, my opinion of these guys drops to an all time low. Way to show professionalism guys, nice work.

Anyway, they fool around for who knows how long, get access to the garage and claim to find some phantom cat. They see some odd shadow moving in the corner of the IR camera. They also claim to see a shadow or figure in the mirror. Too bad that’s not caught on camera. However, since there are claims of something with black tentacles going after people and objects flying off the shelves you would have expected something a little more from this place. Overall they barely walked away with any interesting.

Meanwhile, Billy is at the prison listening too all the noises of the place. Here is something that really bothers me. The prison is empty, yet it makes a ton of noises. There are bangs, pops, creaks, groans and all sorts of other things. Now maybe this is some sort of paranormal activity, but more than likely this is an old ass building that makes a ton of noise as the pipes expand and contract. It seems to me these are perfectly normal noises for a building of that age. The proper thing to do would have been to run the audio for a couple of nights and see if they hear the same thing over and over again. If they do, that’s just the way the building sounds.

But… There are a couple of interesting things in the prison. I don’t know about this light or figure that Billy was chasing, but that camera twisting and falling over is odd as hell. When it first happened, I thought Billy was actually picking up the camera to take it off the tripod. It seems to move one way and then the other before it crashes to the ground.

Granted the legs could have collapsed or something with the tripod came undone, but damn that looks odd.

I also have to ask, what the hell is wrong with Nick and his flipping out when he feels something touch him on the head. I’m sorry, but he’s being doing this for how long? Why in the hell is he flipping out like that? He does this a lot. The flipped out at the Linda Vista Hospital too. He’s gonna break his damn neck if he doesn’t settle down.

To be honest this episode was odd. They come unglued in the prison, they go wayward with some secondary location, they sit around in an RV stinking up the place and they get worked over noises that sounds perfectly normal. I’d like for them to redo this investigation and give more attention to the prison and perhaps come up with a real explanation for that camera tipping over.

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