Haunted Towns – Bisbee Arizona – S01E05

silver-king-hotel For this episode, the Tennessee Wraith Chasers, head to a town I have visited, Bisbee, Arizona, where copper was king, prostitution was plentiful and the conditions were downright dangerous. We have the usual stories of terrible working conditions, prejudice and violence against “foreigners”, death from accidents, poverty and men turning on each other to make a living.

We start by talking to Danielle, owner of the Silver King Hotel, who relates two pretty meager ghost tales. The first involves a Chinese laundress who wanders into room 1 and shakes her fist. The other involves a friend she hired, who quit on the first day and left his tools behind. A couple of months later, those tools are found in the boiler room, a different floor than where he was working. I don’t really feel either of these qualifiy as a story of paranormal activity, but Chris is trying to make this out to be poltergeist activity.

The evidence, or lack thereof, pretty much agrees with that. While on the 3rd floor, Chris and Porter get goosebumps and Porter believes he sees a shadow. Meanwhile Brannon and Doogie are using the flaky flashlight trick as evidence of the paranormal.

As they bring the night to close, they all gather in the same room and work on an EVP session. When they ask if someone is in the room, they get the word, “No”. This is recorded on one recorder but not the other, and that makes it special, so says Doogie.

For Day 2, they head to the Queen mine with it’s 2000 miles of tunnels and 372 deaths. Men died in elevator accidents, from cave-ins and the floor giving out. There is also the claim of a headless miner.

Chris and Doogie try to find the headless miner, but as you might expect, don’t capture anything. Brannon and Porter go to the elevator shaft and ring the bell at midnight. This makes their partially screwed in flashlight go off. This coincides with Porter saying he feels something around his wrist.

At the end of the investigation, Porter believes Bisbee lives up to it’s haunted reputation because he got goosebumps, believes he saw a shadow, had something touch his arm and his flashlight went off.

And that is the evidence they collected after two days in one of the most haunted towns in America.

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