The Dark Church

church at night with ornage glow What started as taking some long exposures of a church at night turned into some amusingly eerie photos. I was simply trying to get the details of the church, but the streets lights ended up casting an interesting red color over the building and the clouds began to move in. When you combine this with nearly a full moon it makes for some very interesting photos.

long exposure of church at night This is a beautiful church built before the 1900’s with a weathered façade, wonderful stained glass and carefully carved statues both around the grounds and nestled within the alcoves. It was a bit of a brisk night, but when I started out it was bright with the full moon. The church was reasonably well lit so it seemed like a fun experiment to try and photograph it. The sodium lamps immediately gave an unusual orange tint to the church. Plus, right when I started scattered clouds started to appear and moon became obscured. These weren’t meant to be Halloween shots, but everything came together and made them that way on their own. The tower of the church took on an almost ghostly appearance and the normally white statues began to feel a little more haunting. I ended up having a lot more fun taking pictures than I’d imagined. It turned out to be a completely different experience.

You can have a look at the full array of pictures in the photo gallery.

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