Jack the Ripper ‘was invented to win newspaper war’

A new theory suggests that "Jack the Ripper was a forgery invented by journalists to link a series of unrelated murders and sell newspapers, according to a new book." An interesting notion but as brought up in the article, it’s not too hard to poke holes in that theory. The chances of multiple serial killers working the streets of London in that small area during the same time are very remote. Also, with multiple killers on the loose why didn’t the murders continue? The rage shown at the mutilation of the bodies doesn’t suggest a killer who would simply end his rampage after one victim. In theory there should have been dozens.

The multiple killer theory comes from police journals which state there was doubt that all the murder were committed by the same hand. It is hard to dispute however that the name "Jack the Ripper" was indeed an invention created by someone other than the killer. Hard to dispute the press was somehow involved in the hype and allure of the Ripper figure.

It’s an interesting theory and just proves that the mystique of the Ripper legend is alive and well and new theories and ideas are always coming to light.

Jack the Ripper ‘was invented to win newspaper war’

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