Bloodstains – Jeff Mudgett

image I’m fascinated by the premise of this book on many levels. On the one hand we have a man who unsuspectingly finds out he is the grandson of Herman Webster Mudgett, better known by the name H.H. Holmes, the notorious serial killer that built the Murder Castle during the Chicago World’s Fair and killed who knows how many people. And if that wasn’t enough, there is the theory that this same H.H. Holmes left the US, went over to London and continued to commit his acts of murder, but this time under the name, Jack the Ripper. Could such a thing be true? Is it possible that two notorious serial killers could in fact be the same person? The truth is stranger than fiction and there is indeed evidence to support this claim.

I can’t even imagine what it must be like to discover Holmes is part of your family history. To have his personal diaries, his actual notes, and even his confessions in your own hands. Shocking would be an understatement. But then, what to find out or make the case that there could be more to the story? Have other Ripper experts not followed this line because it’s just too outrageous, or did they not have access to the same material?

I haven’t actually had a chance to read this book, but as soon as time permits, I’m all over this thing. The whole thing is just so strange, so unusual, so fantastic. Could Jeff Mudgett actually have the answer for all these years? Is this the crucial piece of evidence everyone’s been waiting for? Experts have already said the handwriting between Holmes and the Ripper is a match. Does Jeff Mudgett and his bizarre family line have the ability give yet more like to Holmes and thus solve the mystery of the Ripper?

And when will an investigation of the old Murder Castle site take place? It’s been hinted at. It’s been alluded to. If anyone has more details don’t be shy about throwing them out!

Bloodstains by Jeff Mudgett
Jack the Ripper’s Identity Discovered via Forensic Evidence.
Jeff Mudgett & Paranormal team to investigate H.H. Holmes historic Murder Castle
The Devil’s Domain – Author Jeff Mudgett joins Darkness Radio to talk about the new link between HH Holmes and Jack the Ripper
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2 Responses to Bloodstains – Jeff Mudgett

  • Anonymous says:

    Before you review things you should really bother to read them first. The diaries are not real Jeff can’t even acknowledge their factual existence, nobody has ever even seen them. The hand writing match was actually found to be pretty inconclusive and has not been verified by anybody else. Furthermore Jeff admits he has a mental disorder making him prone to delusions. Next time you review something try a little basic reading, and by the way there will never be an investigation into the murder castle site it burned down a long time ago and a post office was built there.

  • RottenOne says:

    Before you go making comments you should really bother to read more articles on the subject. I did read the book and pointed out many errors and problems including the fact the book read as fiction and Jeff has been diagnosed with mental issues and suffers from delusions. I pointed that out 3 years ago, but thanks for showing up to the party anyway.

    Also to your point, the site is indeed a post office, but the basement of the castle still exists and people have been down there.

    I think it’s generally accepted that while Jeff may be related to Holmes, his theories and conclusions were not entirely based in fact and most consider his book to be a work of fiction.

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