Aaron Kosminski Named as Jack the Ripper Through DNA Evidence

image The stories are popping up all over the place and so is a new book which names Aaron Kosminski as Jack the Ripper. This evidence comes to light from Russell Edwards who says he has DNA evidence from a shawl he bought at action that proves Kosminski was Jack the Ripper.

A pretty heavy charge to throw down o be sure, but Edwards says he has conclusive proof to support his claim. The shawl was supposedly kept by one of the original detectives who investigate the murders. The office took the shawl to give to his wife. The blood soaked garment didn’t exactly woo the mrs and the item was put in a box where it sat for a hundred years. Supposedly it hasn’t been washed or handled so the DNA hasn’t been contaminated.

That same DNA was then tested against descendants of Kosminski to confirm the results.

As you recall, Kosminski has always been on the list of suspects and some feel he was the right suspect while others dismissed him. Many felt he didn’t have the skill nor mental capacity to be the Ripper. Kosminski was subsequently put into an asylum where he later died and that is what many think brought the killings to an end.

Many think that Aaron Kosminski was actually confused with another person with the same surname and that it was a completely different person on the suspect list. Also, many say the garment has been handled by too many people and probably contains the DNA of hundreds of people. It is even said that Kosminski frequented that part of East End to engage the services of the ladies and that his DNA on a garment owned by a known prostitute doesn’t prove anything.

So let the fervor begin! This seems to happen every few years. In 2002, Patricia Cornwell gave her conclusive evidence for Jack the Ripper. In 2011, Jeff Mudgett, have his view and theory on who Jack the Ripper might be. And I’m fairly sure in a couple of years from now another author will put forth yet another suspect with their conclusive evidence.

So what do you think? Will the DNA testing stand the scrutiny and peer review that is sure to follow? Did Kosminski possess the skills and mental faculties to carry out such dastardly crimes? Have we finally reach a conclusion to these 100 year old murders?

The book, "Naming Jack the Ripper" by Russell Edwards comes out September 9. Do you agree with the assessment and do you plan on grabbing a copy of this latest piece in the Jack the Ripper collection?

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