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Ghost Adventures – Westerfield Hotel – S17E02

ga-westerfield-hotelFor the next investigation, Zak visits the Westerfield Hotel, a location with a “demonic infestation” due to visitors such as Anton LaVey, Kenneth Anger, Bobby Boselie and Charles Manson. The first two being associated with Satanism, the latter with murder.

Rituals were conducted in the tower and were even filmed for some highly dramatized and most likely drug induced footage. There are claims that portals to Hell were opened inside the house and Zak believes he was drawn to this house because he bought a model doll house of the Westerfield Hotel from an antique shop.

They speak with Kenneth Anger who says they performed “summoning ceremonies”, and that they were “calling for entities.” Zak is chomping at the bit for Ken to say they tried to conjure up the Devil and that he “created a residence for Satan himself.”

Zak steers the conversation to Ken and his affinity for the works and beliefs of Aleister Crowley. We also hear about how those with substance abuse problems fall victim to the darkness of the house.

At this point, Zak has done everything he can to whip up the cliche and hysteria of the “Satanic Panic.” To tap into this darkness, he and Jay will perform their own ritual in the tower, to “open the gates” (of Hell?), but rest assured, when they perform conjuring it’s not black magic, Satanic or Devil Worship. Even though reading from a book of ancient Sumerian text is too dangerous to acknowledge or allow the words to be captured on audio, rest assured, this is merely in the name of research and exploration. Funny how he doesn’t see that for anyone else.

As they get started, they hear the usual creaks, bangs, pops and the sound of footsteps associated with an old house. They also hear clicks and burps on their walkie-talkies, which are the demonic entities trying to make their presence known. We even get the declaration of a cold spot and a sighting of Anton LaVey.

Their conjuring must be working because the Talking EVP throws out the word “Rage.” It should come as no surprise that right after, both Zak and Aaron act like they’re being taken over by some sort of unseen force. At least we don’t have the previous throwing of devices or punching of firsts into the wall.

Aaron leaves the room to investigate downstairs, but claims he is stopped on the stairs by an invisible wall. Since it’s invisible and can’t be recorded, we have to take Aaron’s word for it.

Meanwhile, on the Spirit Box, a demonic conversation is heard. One voice asks, “What do you want?” Another answers with, “you.”

After heading back upstairs, Jay and Aaron both claim to see a shadow figure atop the tower which is supposed to concentrate the spiritual energy. The hacked up SLS camera confirms there is a stick figure afoot. But it’s not just a stick figure, it’s a goat figure. No wait, is a three legged creature. No wait, it’s pouring stuff on Jay’s head.

We finally have a disoriented Jay trying to leave the tower, yet there is another unforeseen force blocking his path. Not only is this powerful entity stopping Jay from walking in a straight line, it’s capable of knocking over a camera placed on a tripod. Then again, it could have been gravity. Or gravity and a faulty camera leg. Or a camera placed on a bad angle.

While the history of the house is intriguing, they certainly don’t capture anything that lives up to the “demonic infestation” and “residence for Satan.” Ironically, LaVey didn’t believe in a God or a Satan. They were merely symbolic and the antithesis of other religious beliefs. It’s not worth getting into a debate about such things, but it’s pretty obvious Zak latched on to a few keywords and ideas and tried to whip up the flames of panic as much as he could. Too bad his evidence doesn’t support anything of the sort.

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Haunted Towns – Fall River MA – Lizzie Borden House – S01E07

lizzie-borden-house For the next investigation of Haunted Towns, we’re off to the legendary Lizzie Borden house in Fall River, MA. This is the site of the grim unsolved murder that still makes Lizzie a household name to this day. Chris and his team want to try and speak with her to find out who really killed Andrew and Abby and if Lizzie was guilty or innocent.

The TWC team also claim people report hearing voices, footsteps, the smell of cigar smoke and shadow figures. They believe there might be a darker entity at work, because next door, Mr. Borden’s uncle had tragedies of his own. His wife tried to drown all her children in a well and ultimately slit her own throat with a straight razor.

Doogie and Chris meet with Danielle, a historian who shows them around the house and some photos of the crime scene. Porter and Brannon go see the sheriff and the jail where Lizzie was held while she awaited trial.

As they get down to the investigation, Chris and Porter go to Master Bedroom, while Doggie and Brannon go to the Sitting Room.

While discussing what they plan to do for the night, the flashlight on the bed turns on. Right after, Porter says he sees a shadow moving in the next room.

Doogie also claims to see a shadow while in the sitting room. This is after he asks the dark entity to make a light flicker. It’s interesting that he picks a light, versus asking for the standard knocks. I get the feeling the light was already flickering and Doogie decided to work it into his schtick.

With no activity going on, they head to the basement as a group. There they get "Lizzie", "Borden", "Hatchet", and "Ax". Or at least that’s their story as those words are utterly garbled and unintelligible from the box. Of course, those are all great words when talking about the murders.

For Day 2, they investigate the Central Congregational Church where Lizzie taught and attended services. Doogie and Brannon head to the Changing Room where Brannon asks for the entity to touch the meter, which naturally goes off. Also notice, there are several words on the dictionary device-"tone" "vet/yet" and "east", but nothing is said about them. This shows the device puts out random nonsense and doesn’t gauge anything.

Also with the EMF flash, there is a moan heard by Doogie. However, Brannon doesn’t act on it until Doogie says something, then he’s quick to add "I heard that too!" like he completely missed his cue. I’ve noted a couple of times that Doogie has to "cue" people to respond to something he hears.

And again notice the dictionary shows the words, "drunk", "witch" and "camera", but aren’t mentioned. The device is on camera, but at a distance. They are so quick to call out every word, it’s puzzling why they ignore this set. Other than the fact they don’t make any sense or help support their wild theory.

It’s not just Doggie and Brannon either. When we catch up with Chris and Porter, there are plenty of words on their screen too, but they have decided to ignore them. However, Porter will make a big deal about the words, "August" and "Devil" that they capture behind the stained glass crawlspace. And again, Porter says he sees a shadow figure down in the basement. He’s developing quite a habit of seeing shadow figures just off camera.

At the end of the investigation, Chris leans toward the land is tainted and contains a dark energy that affected the Borden house and the one next door. Doogie is of a similar mindset, that a dark entity lurks in the house and "possessed" Lizzie, causing her to act out.

It sounds like they’re saying Lizzie is innocent due to demonic forces… That’s certainly a new theory.

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Holmes Own Story

I’ve seen references to this document, but not an actual copy. Here is a digital version of H.H. Holmes biography where he refutes the myriad of crimes he’s accused of. It also includes portions of his Moyamensing prison diary.

I have just started getting into this one, but oddly, Holmes comes across as a rather talented writer.

Holmes’ own story, in which the alleged multi-murderer and arch conspirator tells of the twenty-two tragic deaths and disappearances in which he is said to be implicated, with Moyamensing prison diary appendix.
Portraits on covers. Autograph letter from the author to Samuel W. Pennypacker bound before title.

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H.H. Holmes to be exhumed

Jeff Mudgett, great-grandson of H.H. Holmes, has been granted a petition to exhume the remains for the purpose of DNA testing. This will confirm if Holmes was indeed hanged or as some have speculated, that he was able to get someone else to swing in his place while he made a grand escape.

If you recall, Holmes spent a great deal of time writing that his features were changing, that his face was longer and taking on the appearance of the devil. This might have been to enhance his sinister reputation, while others believe it was part of his ruse to slip another body into his place. Further, the massive amount of concrete used to seal away his body not only prevented would-be grave robbing, but prevented any further identification of his remains.

Jeff has also stated he believes Holmes was in London at the times of the Ripper murders and has put forth the idea that Jack the Ripper and H.H. Holmes are one in the same. It goes against the grain, but Jeff has some interesting theories and evidence. Further, that idea makes more sense than some of the other suspects.

Who knows where this will lead, but it’s extremely intriguing.

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