A Haunting in Georgia

This chilling docudrama chronicles the tale of 4-year-old Heidi Wyrick (played by Kelsey Lowenthal) and her seemingly imaginary friends, Mr. Gordy and Con — who may be more than just harmless invisible playmates. When Heidi divulges disturbing details about her two chums to her parents, they chalk it up to an overactive imagination … until other family members begin to have supernatural encounters — with the physical marks to prove it.

It all starts in that Amityville sort of way, buying a house where the deal seems to good to be true. And so begins the story of A Haunting in Georgia.

The Wyrick’s young daughter Heidi begins to see and interact with a mysterious Mr. Gordy, a friend no one else can see. They spend hours talking and playing on the swing. No one ever sees Mr. Gordy so they figure their daughter is just talking to an imaginary friend to pass the time.

Later, Heidi tells her mom that a man at the door is bleeding and needs help. Lisa doesn’t see a man and has no idea what her daughter is talking about.

In short order they find out that Mr. Gordy was a lifelong friend of the family but that he’s been dead since the 70’s. The other man is also dead and he lost his hand in a cotton gin accident.

To prove Mr. Gordy is dead the family heads to his gravesite which Heidi is able to find even though she can’t read. These two aren’t the only visitors Heidi sees and over the next several years she feels the presence of many spirits, both good and bad. But the evil spirits seem to be making their presence known, the family begins to hear noises and feel uncomfortable.

They call in a paranormal investigator who ultimately feels that EMF is causing the problems and their daughter is sensitive to high EMF which is why she is seeing things. But the family has experienced claw marks and welts on the skin which EMF wouldn’t explain.

The Wyrick’s have another daughter and as she grows up she is talking to imaginary friends just like her older sister. It’s been nearly a decade and Heidi still feels the presence of spirits and after two mediums have come to look over the house they agree there is some evil energy around the house.

But it’s not only the daughter’s who are seeing and hearing things, now mom is starting to pick up on something. She begins to feel something strange is in the house. The try to put it aside and ignore it all.

After a few more years they call the paranormal investigator back. He ultimately decides the "family" has ESP and that the women of the house are psychic.

You sort of expect this story to head in the same direction as the Amityville Horror, but instead it mainly focuses on the women of the family who seem to be developing psychic abilities as they grow older. There are some interesting tales of activity, but don’t expect a lot of evidence or investigations in this one. It’s certainly an unique thing for both mother and daughter to have psychic abilities, even though it seems to have taken a lot longer to develop in mom. A somewhat interesting tale of a family who doesn’t believe in the paranormal or physics as they come to terms with the fact that they may have their own link to the paranormal world. Can psychic abilities be passed on through generations? Can powers get stronger as the ability is passed down?

While there is a lot of playing up on the evil spirits and even demonic forces in the house there isn’t much in this documentary to support that. Maybe it’s been omitted or they’re downplaying it, but really the only thing that seems to dangerous are the claims of being scratched in the middle of the night. But to me, something like that isn’t true evidence. People can scratch themselves in the middle of the night. That alone isn’t enough to say something demonic is happening. Really the only person speaking of demonic forces is their pastor. I’m not sure where he’s getting that idea, but that’s his take on events.

Some interesting stories and a few ideas to think about. It won’t keep you on the edge of your seat, but it is a slightly different take on the paranormal.

A Haunting in Georgia (Netflix)
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