America’s Most Haunted Town

New Hope, Pennsylvania, just may be the most haunted city in America. Residents report unexplainable goings-on left and right, from strange incidents to frightful sightings that have left a searing impression on their psyche. Is the place truly a hotbed of paranormal activity? Join this documentary’s spiritual investigators and see for yourself the ghosts and spirits who’ve made New Hope their home.

Had I known who was behind this DVD I never would have rented it. Its Cathe Curtis stumbling around in a complete rehash of the footage shot for “America’s Most Haunted Inns.” I think there’s maybe one segment different between the two.

Once again we hear stories that are perhaps some of the weakest examples of paranormal around, and see Cathe pointing out dust bunnies and claiming they are part of the spirit world.

It’s all just rubbish. This is a ridiculous DVD and a complete waste of time. Based on the extremely flimsy stories, I don’t see how they claim New Hope as the most haunted city. Maybe it is, but nothing in this DVD supports that claim.

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