Ghost Lab – Episode 3 – Chicago/New Orleans

After three episodes of this new show I have to say it’s leaving me feeling pretty cold. Their methods, correlations and findings seem shaky at best. While in Chicago they basically come across nothing but feel that negative energy is trapped there. Based on what; that silly mood device you put your hand on? Come on, that’s your science?

Then in New Orleans it’s all fun and games as they spend their time playing pranks on each other. Now, one of the brothers does get a scratch on the neck while talking trash to the spirit of a young woman who died of a drug overdose right after Katrina. I’ll give you that it’s interesting, but that alone doesn’t mean anything. They’re having a great time playing in the Haunted House in the basement, but I don’t think they’re actually proving anything. I admit fully, a Haunted House in an old Mortuary, now that’s cool.

But seriously, I’m not sure where this show is headed or what they’re hoping to accomplish, but so far, this viewer is completely underwhelmed.

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