My First Funkin

Just because I couldn’t light a pumpkin on fire doesn’t mean I still wasn’t carving them. Since Halloween stuff is all on sale for 50% off I bought a couple of Funkins to see how those would carve for me. No, I’m not going to set them on fire, it says not to do that right on the label. Of course, the fact it says not to do it right on the label makes me want to see what would happen if you did set it on fire. Probably give off all sorts of toxic fumes and horrible smells, unlike gasoline which doesn’t do any of those terrible things. :)

First off, they are a lot harder than I thought. Intricate patterns are probably not something I’m going to attempt. As I was laying into the foamy material with my pumpkin carving set, big sections would start to move and wobble. And no it’s not because I was drinking. Drinking and carving never mix! Don’t drink and carve, you might ruin your pumpkin.

Clearly I should have removed the tiny pieces first and saved the bigger pieces for last, but I still felt like I was going to tear the thing apart.

Second, the small detail work is a lot harder. It can still be done, but it takes a fair bit more effort to cut through the foam so some of the turns and twist didn’t come out as planned.

Maybe I just need to go a little slower the next time around. I bought four of them so hopefully the next one will be a little easier for me. Overall it came out pretty well, I don’t have a light for it yet, so no pictures but I do have another pattern selected. I might try and carve it tonight if I have time. The Funkins are pretty neat, but I need some more practice with them. Just an excuse to buy more I guess, nothing wrong with that!

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