Another victory in the company pumpkin carving contest

Well isn’t this something? Today at work we had our Halloween party and contest. Prizes are given out for the best costume and the best pumpkin carving. This makes the second time I’ve won the competition with my carvings. I went with the Asylum Joker and Batman for my Heroes and Villains motif. One pumpkin, two carvings.

I have to admit, the competition was less than rigorous considering only five pumpkins were entered. But, in the end, I walked away with the $50 gift certificate to Target and that’s all that matters!

So now what happens to them? Actually, these will go on display for tonight and tomorrow. I am planning on carving several more pumpkins tomorrow and then lighting them up at the end of the night. No sense in doing just one when there are so many available!

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