Paranormal State S04E07 – Satan’s Soldier

Mark feels demonic forces in his house. He constantly hears noises and his wife actually felt the presence of someone laying on top of her. Once again, the owners have problems start occurring as soon as they get there, but they press on regardless.

There are several aspects to this episode that bug me. First of all, who leaves what looks like blood spatters all over the walls of their basement? You would think a coat of paint would be in order. Second, why is Mark answering so many questions with "I don’t remember"? He doesn’t remember what is in the great big trunk the spirits are supposed to be moving around? He doesn’t remember if the chandelier is something he brought into the house? This guy is coming across as a liar right from the get-go.

And then we find out why. Ol’ Mark has been practicing Satanism in his past and there’s a good chance he’s still up to his old tricks. He just doesn’t want his wife to find out since it was responsible for bringing him money, protection and women in the past.

Honestly, I put very little stock in Satanism, but why did Mark call Ryan to come help him then basically lie about everything? That’s just pretty dumb.

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that they find no evidence of the paranormal. Michelle says she sees vision of the rituals, but there is no evidence to support those claims. In the end they tell Mark he should throw out his Satanic artifacts which they feel are the chandelier, candles and an abundance of mirrors. They also have Mark confront his "demons" and profess that he is done with Satanism and wishes to be left alone. What’s funny, no one on the team really thinks Mark is done with his dark past.

From where I’m sitting it sounds like Mark is toying with the occult, or at least doesn’t want to let it go and his guilt is making him see and hear things. Pretty much everything in this one came across as a big fabrication and in the end we have a guy who’s hiding stuff from his wife. You noticed he didn’t feel too much guilt about the women and the money. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s chasing that dragon again.

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  • E.v says:

    I know mark and kim, i met them thru a fetish bdsm website in 09. there is way more to that story than they are telling… they are super fucked up people and the things that they do and practices they keep no wonder they have “supernatural” problems ….. this episode is a joke and everything in it is fabricated for camera….

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