Ghost Adventures – Fort Chaffee – S04E10

For this investigation, the team heads down to the sweltering heat of Arkansas to investigate Fort Chaffee which has been used to house Cuban and Vietnamese refugees and it has been the scene of quite a few riots and several deaths. With so many people streaming into it, living conditions were poor and many people treated it like a prison. Fights were frequent and as we gather from Lynn, a former guard, plenty of stabbings took place and more than one body was buried out in the back woods.

Lynn also goes on to describe that voodoo was being practiced and an exorcism was performed.

Strangely enough Fort Chaffee is where Elvis came through when he was drafted and they even claim sightings of Bigfoot or some similar creature. There is quite a bit of history to the place, but as Zak and team go on the tour, I have to say the evidence of supernatural goings on are actually pretty slim.

Other investigators claim to hear voices of "help me" and several of the women say they had an arm come out and touch them. They also claim to feel cold spots and a voice has said they need to "Get Out" while investigating. While these are interesting, they don’t really seem to be a big deal. I have come to ignore so many of these claimed voices people keep hearing; and for a place like this especially. It’s still an active military base. Plus there are animals all over the place making who knows what manner of noise. It doesn’t discount any accounts of the paranormal, but any time you have that sort of thing going on it makes me question your findings.

But moving on, the trio heads into the Fort and claim they hear old music and singing. They put a stationary camera in this same spot and get banging noises. Not to throw a wet blanket on the event, but the active military base is a mere stone’s throw away. Who knows what kind of noises you’re getting. That banging could be from a truck driving around.

The guys claim to get EVPs of people saying "Come and get me" and "Get on the bed". One EVP that did amuse me was when Zak was going to pretend there was a fire and everyone needed to get out. He claims to get a voice saying "No one is gonna believe that shit". If that were true, it proves their goofing around and staging scenes doesn’t do anything. No one is falling for it, so stop having people take their shirts off!

Seriously , what is the deal with these shows now taking their tops off? You have to go topless to get ratings these days?

Anyway, the guys bring in Lynn, who worked as a prison guard, to tour several other parts. They head down to where Richard, an "inmate", hung himself in his cell. Strangely they don’t get much at this site. You would think all sorts of stuff would happen, but it doesn’t. Well, they do claim a voice says it’s hot and that someone wants to have sex with Zak. Besides the potty humor aspect of that, it’s pretty damn dodgy at best.

When all is said and done I have to say I didn’t really see/feel much in the way of paranormal activity coming from this place. Quite frankly, I’m not even sure why the guys decided to investigate it since only one other group has been there before and their evidence seemed pretty lean as well. Nothing like staking your own claim on new territory, but this location didn’t really seem to have much going on. There is no doubt it has a pretty bad past and I doubt any of the previous residence were happy to be there, however it seems to be an abandoned camp and a pretty quiet one at that.

I still like episodes like this however, they still show interesting places and bring to life places we might not otherwise get to see. In it’s own little way Ghost Adventures is an interesting history lesson. And if nothing else, they didn’t try to talk Lynn out of his shirt.

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