Paranormal State – Return of the Dead – The Glove II – S05E06

This was another waste of an episode and once again makes me think that everyone Ryan goes to help has some form of emotional problem or some other issue that is a cry for help.

The original story involves a Grandfather that abused members of his family. It seems he’s continuing the tradition and when Michelle calls him out, things go haywire. First off, I never believed the evidence in the first part of this episode; anyone can make a handprint on the wall and a crappy chandelier that falls in a wreck of a room is no sign of the paranormal.

The evidence in this episode is just as useless. Another mysterious handprint on a television set. Good grief that couldn’t possibly have been done by human hands on accident as they groped their way along in the dark!

The wife is a wreck because no one believes her story. It honestly sounds like this woman has worked herself up into a frenzy and is seeing things because she’s sleep deprived. (I certainly didn’t get a sense of any financial trouble or martial issues out of this one) Her husband never experiences any of the events so basically thinks she is just making it all up. But Ryan claims he’s proven that the spirit only talks to the wife and not to the husband (because Chad wasn’t paying attention and didn’t hear anything). Once again, creating an outcome that fits their outlandish theory.

To solve the problem, Michelle pulls a wild idea out of her ass and says they need to drive nails into the grave site of the Grandfather.

Of course, once they do, everything goes back to normal.

Maybe this woman just needs a few people to get off their ass and help her clean up the place. It’s been two years since they last showed up and the house is still in shambles. Maybe if it didn’t look like a dump you wouldn’t be stressing all the time!

This episode was just as hard to watch as the previous one.

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