Paranormal State comes to an end …

It may not be new news but it’s still worth bringing up. Back in January Ryan announced (on his blog) that he wouldn’t return for another season of Paranormal State and the Scooby Gang would disperse to pursue separate interests. It is interesting to read Ryan’s post and many of things he includes. I wasn’t aware the Catholic Church would forego all their trained clergy and look to a TV celebrity to perform an exorcism. I thought they had their own private little city full of people who could handle such things if they were really warranted. I also wasn’t actually aware the Catholic Church acknowledged, believed in, sanctioned or even discussed exorcisms any more. Certainly not without a hell of a lot of research and counseling. And I don’t think they would do it for TV and ratings.

I can’t say I’m surprised over bringing the show to an end. I haven’t been a fan for some time (morbid curiosity keeps me watching plus I liked Serge, Chip and Katrina. Chad was a dunce) and I sort of feel others may be in the same boat. It lacks the appeal the first two seasons had. It turned from investigation into grief counseling and journeys into mental illness. I don’t believe any of the PRS cases showed any real signs of the demonic or even of the paranormal. Quite frankly I’m not sure what they showed. I feel bad for the clients of the show because I don’t think they got the help they really deserved or needed.

What’s also interesting is the Wikipedia article on Paranormal State and some of the claims that are being made against the show. Sure a lot of this type of thing is typical, but it does make you wonder.

And you have to ask, in all the years that Paranormal State has been on what evidence did they capture that would be considered proof of paranormal activity? Of the demonic? Inmy opinion they didn’t capture anything of the sort.

In a way I’ll miss the show. I think they started off with good intentions but got derailed by ratings and DVD sales. They have a few more episodes to air later this year to finish off the season and that will be it. A&E appears to have a spinoff ready to go. We’ll have to see what happens with that one. I don’t have high hopes.

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