Paranormal State – Ghost on the Tracks – S05E04

This is also an episode that really didn’t make much sense. An owner claim his hair salon is being haunted by a spirit, however, there are no previous actions on the property that would warrant such a haunting. They make the leap and try to draw a link that a train wreck which resulted in the death of two people is linked to the salon. The two have nothing in common with each other, but that’s the connection they’re making.

Their investigation is rather uneventful except for the fact that they discover there are mice in the basement of the salon. As Michelle says, if there’s one mouse, there’s many. That would explain any noises they hear in the place, but there is also the claim of seeing a young boy with black eyes who plays on the stairs. There is no reasoning for a boy spirit to be at the salon and as they do their investigation they get no signs of any activity except for a few animals. The story behind that figure will probably remain a mystery.

Reaching at straws they start to ask the residence if they’ve had experiences near the train tracks where the accident took place. Ryan then makes the assertion that the further away you get from the train station the less the activity. Since the salon is somewhat close to it they conjecture that this is causing the supposed activity (which they didn’t actually experience or capture). Energy runs in lines across the earth so it’s using the train tracks to get to the salon. This theory is just baffling! Since they really have nothing else to offer they go with the idea of Feng Shui to keep out the bad energy.

It all seems pretty farfetched. They can’t find any evidence to support the claims so they just make up a remedy. I guess this really does show the power of suggestion. You can make yourself believe something is happening and you can put up faux remedies to make it go away.

Maybe a haunted salon does better business than just a regular salon.

Of course the final scene of all of them sitting in the salon chairs was priceless! That was the best part of the whole episode!

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