Ghost Hunters Buffalo Central Terminal

The talk of the Halloween Special had me curious about this investigation so I dug back into the archives and found the original investigation. To put it bluntly, this episode is a load of bunk!

In it’s prime, I’m sure the Central Terminal was quite a vision to behold. It’s a grand building that looks quite opulent. However, it has fallen into some serious disarray and is a complete wreck. All the windows have been smashed, the place has been looted and vandalized, the floors have been ripped up, the roof has been torn down, the wires are all exposed and there is debris everywhere. It’s a pretty sad sight really, but as far as paranormal activity goes, Jason and Grant are grasping at straws.

Normally, a place would be considered haunted due to it’s tragic or tormented past. That really hasn’t happened here. There isn’t that defining tragedy about the place. I suppose that doesn’t have to be a part of the history, but it seems so common these days I just sort of expected it.

Anyway, this investigation is riddled with problems in my opinion. First off, it’s raining which is clearly going to have an effect on things. There will be drips and additional sounds (are those footsteps?). The building is going to creak and pop so of course you’re going to hear noises all over the place. There will be wind so you’ll hear whistling and moans. The place is abandoned so there is going to be animals all over the place (is that what caused the scratching, rustling, board to fall?). If it’s raining that will just drive them inside.

As you would expect, the train station is right next to the road so there are streets lights and of course cars and trucks rolling by. This will obviously have an impact. Basically, there’s a ton of external factors that will pollute the environment. Plus, the place looks like it would be an echo chamber. What you hear in one place will travel all the way through it. I’m just saying there are so many causes for false positives right off the bat.

Putting that aside, I absolutely question the evidence and the results they conclude from it. First off, that EVP of Go Home sounds completely bogus. It sounds like someone off camera trying to sound scary. To me, that is completely manufactured for the show. I dare say, that might be faked.

Second, there is the thermal image of what Jason and Grant claim is someone at the end of the hall walking around. Then they zoom in on and slow it down. And it’s at that moment that you realize it’s a PIGEON!!! Or at least some other bird, standing on the ledge, walking back and forth, bobbing it’s little head. As they roll the footage it’s as clear as a bell that it’s a bird! Why on earth would they even think it’s a spirit? This is just blatant reaching at straws!

As for the moans, could that possibly be the wind or the creaking building?

They also claim to get two other EVPs which are quite garbled. There is something about "girls" so maybe they did capture something. But as I’ve said before, EVPs mean nothing to me.

Now, about that whole K2 session they did with the woman waiting on the train. Just to ask, why is it that when Jason and Grant claim to be talking to a spirit they NEVER ask about the afterlife? Instead of sitting there asking if they can make it go to 3, why not ask something a little more related to the spirit world? But I digress…

We’ll put that aside as well and discount the fact that I think the K2 meter is a load of crap and focus on the event itself. It certainly seems interesting to have the lights bounce around like that, but are we really saying that can’t be manipulated? I mean, I’m sure it’s impossible to trigger that from off screen. Or all the faulty wiring couldn’t have an effect.

It also seems interesting to me that they don’t get any EVPs while the K2 meter is going off. You would think if a spirit has the juice to blink the lights they could offer up a pretty clear word or two. But no, I guess it doesn’t work that way.

When all is said and done I don’t really get the feeling this place has paranormal activity. It almost seems like Ghost Hunters is heading back to help drum up some business for the place. I mean Waverly Hill has haunted tours all over their website (they aren’t cheap) and they’re booked for the rest of the year. I’m sure that sort of cash flow wouldn’t hurt Buffalo Central now would it?



Look at what I found. Jump to 5:35 in this clip and watch the zoomed in, slowed down footage. Any one else see a bird rather than a spirit jumping around?


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4 Responses to Ghost Hunters Buffalo Central Terminal

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  • Megan says:

    are you kidding me do you live in buffalo have you ever been to buffalo before talking about a place maybe you should go there and look at what you are talking about. I do live near buffalo and i have been inside of the Central Terminal first of all it is not torn down and raggedy the roof is in tact and the floor is not ripped up and is not real close to the street where you can see lights all over the place inside considering on the first floor there are not many windows as is so if you are going to criticize a place or the investigators that go there make sure you have all the correct information.

  • RottenOne says:

    I’m not sure what episode you watched but the original Ghost Hunters episode of this location certainly showed the place in a shambles. Dozens of walls were torn down, the floor was ripped up, there were holes all over the place and the team was wearing dust masks to keep from inhaling crap. That by no means sounds like a pristine environment. It certainly looked like a wreck to me! Maybe you should take up the false advertising with the Ghost Hunters and SyFy, they made the place look like a wreck. If it’s a day spa perhaps they need to turn on the lights and show us what it really looks like.

    And how can you say it’s not near the street? It’s a train terminal, where the hell else would it be? In the middle of a field a hundred miles from civilization? That makes perfect sense.

    Just as a helpful hint, perhaps you need to ease up on the Ego Burn Throttle.

  • Chris says:

    Hey rottenone, FYI the terminal is not near the street, it was built in a suburban neighborhood not near downtown. That’s why it was abandoned genius. And the building is not in terrible shape, but obviously a television show that’s trying to scare you is not going to show beautiful architecture. Your arguments make no sense. Why don’t you do a little more research before you jump to your long shot conclusions.

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