Paranormal State S04E03 – Dead Legends

Here we have a hotel where the clients have apparently captured a shadow of a little boy who died on the property. There are claims of knives being thrown around like it’s a hibachi kitchen. And spirits are supposed to roam the halls scaring the Dickens out of people.

Ryan and Chad claim to have experiences of their own as they wander around the hotel. They hear noises, claim to hear the squeak of a tricycle wheel and see a shadow or some other figure in one of the rooms. But as far as tangible evidence goes they find a whole lot of nothing. They don’t capture any evidence, no voices, no knife wielding entities of any kind.

Further, when they check out the history of the location not a single story or death can be substantiated. Even though there was a fire there, no one is reported as dying because of it. When Chip arrives though he gets the sense that there was an explosion and a death.

Since they have no real evidence of any kind, it’s time to dig into the bag of tricks and pull out one of their far fetched ideas; and this one is a doozy. There really is no paranormal activity, but people have been telling stories and now believe in them which actually created spirit energy and paranormal activity. Basically, they have a bunch of urban legends which people have now convinced themselves are real. And because they think they’re real they feel they’re having experiences.

So what do you do when faced with such a dilemma? Why make up your own urban legends which refute the original urban legends of course. Make up stories that state there is no paranormal activity and the paranormal activity will disappear.

This episode made no sense at all.

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