Ghost Adventures – Virginia City – S05E07

For this episode the guys are back in Nevada to revisit some of their favorite locations. This is where their ghost hunting adventures began and they keep coming back to unearth new evidence. They’re going back to the hotel where a woman committed suicide in the bathtub and the location where they feel they captured a disembodied arm. They also plan to investigate the Yellow Jacket mine, the scene of a fire that killed over two dozen men.

I have to admit, that was a rather uneventful episode. Considering the build up and lead in, I expected them to capture a lot more activity. The night came across as rather quiet. They previously claimed to get the sound of footsteps and a woman crying. When in room 11, they believe the capture some more energy in the form of orbs and feel they capture a voice on the Spirit Box. Zak spends a lot of time chasing around a Mel Meter spike. He believes there is spirit attaching itself to the flowers he brought in.

I was expecting an apparition and more sounds from the miners who lost their lives in the fire. Since this was a hospital it should be ripe with people willing to talk. It really didn’t come across that way. There may be some activity there, but I don’t think this episode showcased it. I was impressed by the kindler, gentler Zak who showed a lot of empathy and sympathy for the prostitute who killed herself in room 11. He even apologized for his earlier behavior where he mocked the spirit that slit it’s wrists. A lot has happened in those 7 years and I guess Zak feels some regret over those earlier investigations.

It was also interesting to see Billy come out for the investigation. He’s normally just a behind the scenes kind of guy.

I still enjoyed the history and stories of the place. Perhaps on the next visit the spirits will be more willing to make themselves known.

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