Haunted Collector – Hulbert House and King House – S02E02

Hulbert House, Boonville, New York

John and the team head out to New York to investigate a Bed and Breakfast that the owners say is increasing with activity. There are reports of being touched, hair pulling, pushing and there is supposed to be a little girl running around. They even have a guest who died in the hotel and they have his urn on the mantel. His ashes aren’t in there, they’ve been spread, but they inherited the urn itself. And he’s not the only one who died in the hotel. Several people have passed away and they even have a guest who simply disappear and left his personal effects behind. Suffice it to say, this hotel doesn’t seem to have the best track record with guest.

They do some research on the house and find it has some mafia connections. It was known for lavish parties and plenty of drinking. As they investigate the house John and Jesslyn head down to the basement and pick up an EVP of a little girl saying "help me". They don’t pick up anything else, nor do they get any other kind of reading to go with the EVP.

Brian and Chris check out the upper levels of the house and the massive water damage that’s happened. As Jason and Jesslyn investigate other parts of the house, the showers and faucets mysteriously turn on. Not just in room, but in multiple places. It’s becoming pretty clear that the plumbing in this place sucks. They have massive water damage and who knows what else from some seriously leaky pipes. But the water damage also reveals a garrote, the classic mafia way of sneaking up behind someone and chocking them with piano wire. Since the mafia was known to stay there, it’s not that big of a fine. But John feels it’s the cause of the problems has it removed.

To be honest, there are a hell of a lot of things wrong with that place. The plumbing is broken, the walls are ruined and who knows what else is broken. I also find it interesting that with all the other personal items up there, like photos, abandoned urns and clothes that the garrote was the main focus of interest. I guess it’s the only clear weapon of murder? Sure, you should toss that sucker away or give it to a museum, but it seems off everything hinges of that one item that just happens to be in the water damaged area and just happens to be dangling down.

King House in Mayport Village, Florida

John and the team head up to New York to investigate another hotel, the King’s Inn. The owner says she scared of the place and doesn’t stay there alone. There are reports of a woman in white, hair being pulled and of course the sound of a little girl running around. The research says nothing about any children dying there, but there is a report of Viola being stabbed in the face and her remains tossed in the river across the street. Have to admit, that’s pretty gruesome.

The parrot keeps referring to a "Howard", which they believe is Howard King, one of the former owners, They also speak with a local writer and historian who makes plenty of claims about people dying in the place. As he puts it, they died early or violently. We’re certainly being painted the picture of a violent and abusive family.

Even though there is no report of a little girl dying in the place, the team keeps running with that idea. They keep trying to get some sort of response as though they’re talking to an abused child. I find that a little odd.

The investigation hasn’t yielded any results until the end when Brian sees all this dirt and debris flying around on the IR screens. He feels it necessary to investigate the ductwork. To that end he miraculously discovers a pendant in the bottom vent down by the parrot where the woman was supposedly stabbed. What an ironic bit of luck that turned out to be. Good thing they brought along that scope so they could see into the vents and get that tiny little locket.

They decide that’s the cause of the issues and throw the locket into the river to put Viola to rest. Her body was never buried, which I presume to mean it was never found. The locket had the word "forever" engraved so they make a link to her. This should put the spirit to rest.

It’s reported that the activity stopped, yet the bird keeps calling to Howard.

I still think everything both of these cases was extremely circumstantial and their conclusions are pretty shaky at best. The location of both the garrote and the locket are awfully convenient. With all that water damage, the garrote it just happens to be discovered when his team just happens to be there? The locket is down the last air vent they look into and they feel the urge to use the scope? Convenient. Very convenient.

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