Ghost Adventures – Maysville Slave House – S04E25

The Ghost Adventures team head to Kentucky to investigate the Maysville Slave House. A house that started its life as a slave home but then became part of the Underground Railroad helping to free the salves it once sold. And now sits as a museum to those dark times.

William Phillips built the home complete with slave jail and dungeon. Slaves were bought and sold on the property. And I would think there is little doubt that slaves were beaten and killed there as well. The blood stains on the wall make it hard to ignore.

Jerry, the owner has seen several apparitions. He has seen a figure down in the tunnels where slaves would wait to make their escape. He’s seen the figure of a man with a brimmed hat. Many visitors feel a strong presence when they visit.

There is even rumor that a man shot himself in the head in one of the rooms. But the details as to who he was and why are somewhat vague.

But what does the team turn up? I first have to say I’m not really thrilled with their entrance. Showing up in a police escorted hearse and doing a parody of Ghost Busters seems a little inappropriate for a slave house. I don’t think these little comedic follies add anything to the investigation.

To summarize the guys claim to get lots of EVPs on their recorders. They have very few experiences other than being cold. But there seems to be a lot of voices coming through. They capture fragments in the white noise but the Ovilus has even more to say. When asked of Mr. Phillips the voice says they need to beware and that he’s a wolf. They hear the words kill and bone as they ask for more details. If they really are communicating it paints a pretty grim picture.

While sitting in a tunnel with multiple voices being recorded, Nick gets the chills and feels someone is close by. Even the recorder seems to agree as they capture the words "close".

I’m not a fan of the devices they use to capture these EVPs but the sheer abundance of them makes you wonder. It seems like plenty of voices are asking to be heard and not everyone made it to freedom.

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