Priest – A quick overview


I went and saw Priest with a friend last night and it was one of the most unusual yet not too terribly bad vampire movies I’ve seen.

It blends a huge amount of genres into one film. There is the George Orwellian oppression, but from the Church rather than the government that tries to control our thoughts and the way we behave. There are fight scenes and special effects that harken back to the days of the Matrix and Underworld. The "Black Hat" brings a feel of Red Dead Redemption or Gun video games. The landscapes are reminiscent of Mad Max. The Wasteland feels like the Wild West in a Clint Eastwood movie and you expect to see him walk out of a saloon at any moment.  But it all seems to work.

But don’t expect the vampires to be like True Blood or Dracula. They are slimy, non human, soulless creatures that come across as more space alien than anything else.

And don’t expect a clean and tidy ending. There is a war going on and that demands a sequel!

But overall it was pretty good. It wasn’t a great movie, but it wasn’t a bad movie either. It’s not a movie I would have chosen on my own (simply because they normally turn out to be crap), but when the credits started to roll I really wanted more. I wanted to see the rest of the story. I figured there was at least another 45 minutes of ass kicking to be had.

If you go in with no expectations and allow them to take the vampire idea on a slightly different track I think you could like this one.

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