Deep South Paranormal – The Good the Bad and the Ghostly – S01E05

The Deep South Paranormal team heads out to Old Cahawba Alabama to investigate an Civil War Ghostown where two feuding families gunned each other down. Story goes that the Troy family accused the slave "Ples" of stealing. The Bell family defended him, but a shootout took place and the Bells were gunned down. Ples fled for his life but was caught and killed at the nearby St. James Hotel. What prompted all these accusations remains a mystery, but it didn’t end well.

The Old Cahawba has the main house, slave quarters, family cemetery and slave cemetery. Sadly, there is a harsh reminder of those times in the form of a hanging tree.

The investigation starts off with Benny, Keith and Jonathan in the slave quarters. They hear scratching against the walls and the sound of chains rattling. They are in the woods so this could be nothing more than just the wind rustling the trees and the chains, but it sounds incredibly ominous.

Keith heads out to the hanging tree to see if he can capture any EVPs. As he’s out there alone he becomes light headed and disoriented. He has to call for help to get out there. He attributes this to the dark spot he captured in a photo. While that makes an interesting story, the "blob" looks like a regular shadow cast from the flash. His finger could have been in the way for all we know.

Hart and Randy are lead over to the slave cemetery by some mysterious light. Kali claims she sees a figure cross their reflection in the water and Hart gets flashes on his K2 meter.

For the next night, Hart has a pretty hairbrained scheme for raising the dead. He wants to make a coffin and have Randy speak some sort of incantation. Out of nowhere power tools appear and the coffin is made. Keith, Benny and Jonathan go to the hotel to speak with Ples. Ironically, a massive storm kicks up. Keith goes so far as to say the cracks of thunder coincide with his questions to Ples. However, they do get an odd thermal hit on the bed that actually does look like the outline of someone sitting on it.

After admitting he’s claustrophobic, Randy climbs into the coffin and tries to conjure the spirits. He feels pressure on his chest and can’t open the lid to get out. Hart says he sees something glowing on top of the coffin that looks reminiscent of fog. It is the South on a stormy night you know. A bit of panic ensues before Kevin and Hart pop the lid and get him out. Randy again admits he had a panic attack.

So when all is said and done, they have a mysterious thermal image on the bed where Ples is said to have died. Now, there is no confirmation this is the exact location, just that it was the St. James Hotel. As for the rest of it, the wind would easily make the scratching sounds and the sounds of the chains. Randy got himself worked up by being in a small, enclosed space. The reflection could be interesting, but whenever you have water and cameras, especially IR, things can look different than what they really are. And the photo Keith took is a black mass, but that could be from a finger, leaf, branch or something else in the way of the camera. Because of the blob-like shape, it’s hard to say that’s evidence of something.

The thermal image on the bad is interesting, not only because of the shape, but because it’s cold. Too bad there weren’t any voices or something else to go along with it. At first glance it looks compelling, but needs a lot more investigation and analysis put into it.

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