Deep South Paranormal – Dead on the Bayou – S01E06 – Season Finale

Keith and the rest of the Deep South Paranormal team investigate the Southdown Plantation in Houma Louisiana which is reputed to have a sketchy past. It was previously a 10,000 acre plantation stolen from the Houma Indians. It’s believed the original owners weren’t too kind anyone and not only did they steal from and exile the Houma Indians they abused and perhaps murdered their own slaves. The spirit activity includes the apparition of a little girl, footsteps and a voice saying "get out". Considering the time period and the fact that both Indians and Slaves were mistreated to forge this plantation, the reports of the paranormal seems oddly few and vague. This doesn’t really seem like enough events to warrant bringing someone out.

The investigation is relatively quiet, with very little tangible evidence. Even in the slave quarters the activity is rather light and they only walk away with "Houma" on an EVP. You have to ask yourself, why would the slaves say, "Houma"?

Jonathan and Keith both think they see something crossing the grounds, but the investigation yields pretty much nothing and they abandon the house and start looking to the Bayou Sale area where the Indians would have retreated to. They are brought out to investigate the house, but there doesn’t to be activity in it. Instead of digging deeper or letting the caretaker know everything is quiet, they ditch the place and start looking somewhere else.

There are some events during this period, notably the figure that seems to be walking along the road. It does appear to be a figure, but it mysteriously flies off the screen as Benny wanders down to try and find it.It’s quite literally there one second, then whisking off the screen.

Randy and Hart happen to be in a swamp boat doing their own investigation and capture something long and thin jumping up into a tree. Randy states no animal could be long and thin like that. The first thing that comes to mind is a squirrel jumping into a tree to get away from the noise. At first glance it looks quite mysterious, but I think there are plenty of normal explanations for it.

Out of the very few pieces of evidence they got the figure on the road is pretty noteworthy. What the heck is that? Is that really a figure? And I’ll be damned if it didn’t fly off into the woods. That is actually pretty bizarre.

Putting that once piece of evidence aside I don’t think this place contains any paranormal activity and the stories and legends of the place conjure up images for people. Maybe more time is needed to find this little girl, but none of the original claims that brought them out there were substantiated.

This happens to be the end of the season for Deep South Paranormal and to be honest, I’m glad. This has not been an impressive show and it’s this sort of tomfoolery and lunacy that prevents anyone from taking paranormal investigations seriously. They aren’t elevating the spirit world to something socially acceptable. If anything, their behavior and mannerisms make me cringe. I’m not keen on the idea of a second season for this show.

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