Paranormal Challenge – Eastern State Penitentiary – S01E02

Another Paranormal Challenge and another episode that left me scratching my head and wondering who these people were. But it was Eastern State Penitentiary which is such a cool location I had to tune in and watch. Considering all the past investigations I was hoping these two teams were going to walk away with tons of usable evidence. In the end what they had was exceedingly light.

Once again, the two teams left me wanting. One comes across as a madcap group of jerks while the other seems nervous and confused. I don’t like these kinds of matchups. You know, just do the damn investigation, this posturing and acting like your some rebel with a cause is pointless.

As usual, the group that acts the toughest ends up looking like the biggest morons. Scott W. looks like a reject from the Village People with that guard hat on and doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing. He has some grand ideas but can’t seem to actually get anything done. His team seems lost and inefficient the whole time.

The Mel Meter is going off all the time but I don’t really think that qualifies as anything. It’s an interesting device but I don’t know that I have any confidence in it. I mean, what is it really showing us? I do have to say I liked Sharon and her mocking tone as she walked down the cellblocks. I like her "I’m just a girl down here by myself" attitude.

The main excitement of the night was when Tony, who was down in The Hole, starts freaking out and hauls ass out of there. Did he have a panic attack or did something happen? It sort of looks like he worked himself up and his mind started playing tricks. I was expecting some evidence to come from that but I don’t think it did.

Anyway, the investigation didn’t turn up much even though there was lots of banging and odd noises in the dark. However, there is obviously water on the floor so are they just hearing running water or drips? Are those sounds just one of the many animals I’m sure lives in that abandoned space?

And speaking of evidence what they presented was pretty lame. About the only thing interesting was the "Hell no, I don’t think they know how to suck" EVP. I didn’t really hear that whole phrase but the word "suck" does sound like it’s in the mix. It’s not overwhelming stuff but not too bad.

The other evidence of the "help me", "just leave" and crap visual evidence presented by Northampton should have just been thrown out. They were grasping at straws there. I didn’t hear anything in their audio, and video evidence of an apparition and some sort of bubble made me laugh.

Overall this was a pretty disappointing episode again. These teams don’t seem to know what they’re doing and they aren’t actually accomplishing anything. I still think this is a neat idea but there is something missing … oh yeah, evidence. Perhaps they will come up with two teams who are more interested in finding evidence or debunking  than in pounding on their chests.

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