Ghost Adventures – Pico House Hotel – S04E15

The Ghost Adventures team takes a different tack and teams up with the Hollywood Ghost Hunters to investigate the Pico House Hotel, a site of civil unrest which turned into a riot and ultimately led to the death of several people. Tensions between the local residents and the Chinese were strained when a shooting occurred which resulted in the death of a police officer. People took to the streets to dish out their own brand of justice and things got completely out of control. Men were hung, shot, beaten and left to die in the streets.

Strangely, this is really the only incident of violence. Admittedly it was quite bad but doesn’t really seem to be on the same scale as many of the other places they’ve investigated. And to be quite honest the claims of the paranormal come across as pretty weak to me. A security guard claims he saw a toolbox moving around and got kicked. Another security guard claims he saw an apparition on the roof. I don’t really see these events as worthy of calling out a group of paranormal investigators.

But Ghost Adventures hooks up with Hollywood Ghost Hunters as they head off into the night to see what they come across. I have to say the Hollywood Ghost Hunters guys are great and seem very compassionate and caring guys. Their rough exteriors are for the movies but when investigating they really want to know about the people who might be there. I wouldn’t mind seeing these guys show up again.

As they make their way around the site they hear some noises and some footsteps. There is even talk of seeing a shadow moving around and some cold spots. But the main evidence they came away with are the EVPs. They claim to get multiple phrases which sound like someone trying to defend themselves about knowing information. Some of it seems plausible but I’m not jumping up and down over it. And that is basically the only evidence they found. There really wasn’t anything tangible. Again, nothing that compares to the claims like being kicked or objects moving.

The two groups split for the night and Zak does a final run through of the building with his IR camera snapping pictures. At the very end he claims to get a series of photos of a black mass in front of the window. It appears in one photo, moves in the next and then is gone for the third. Interesting, but how do we know it’s not a bird or some other animal? A pigeon comes flying out at them just moments earlier. Clearly animals live there and the place has been abandoned. It might be something of value, but then again it was at the other end of the room, we have no sense of perspective.

I have to say as far as locations go this one was sort of a dud. There is no doubt the events are traumatic but they don’t have that sustained history that other places like asylums and the prisons have. And I really don’t see that enough people had experiences to warrant someone going out there. Zak may feel this place is haunted but I thought it was pretty lacking.

As a side note I really wish they would tone down the theatrics and special effects during the background commentary. That is really starting to go over the top and is getting annoying.

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