Haunted Collector – Slaughterhouse Ghosts & Supernatural Sword – S01E06

Slaughterhouse Ghosts:

John heads out to meet with a client who claims her horse is getting scratched by an unseen force. She also hears banging and scratching on the walls of her room. She lives in a 200 year old barn and the area is known to have been the site of some battles. She also tells John that she had a wood carving, made by the previous owners’ son who met an untimely death, that she buried at the crossroads. In the house she also has some scythes and wood carvings of gargoyles.

John sends Chris and Brian to find the carving, but they don’t do much with it. They scan it with the EVP and imager but basically ignore it from then on.

While doing an EVP session they claim to get a Hungarian voice that says, “Open him”. They discover the barn was built in 1899 by a Hungarian family, and that its original role was that of a slaughterhouse. We’ve got some bad juju brewing here.

For the investigation they find a hotspot in the room which turns out to be a knife. John holds the knife and says it’s cold, but the imager shows heat signatures. John takes the knife to an expert and he explains that it’s a skinning knife and more than likely would have been used in the slaughter of animals. John takes the knife and hopes things will calm down.

I can certainly see the knife as a disturbing reminder of the past, but if there is one holdover of that time there will be dozens. The barn is hundreds of years old and stacked with “junk”. If an object was the cause of the problems saying you find the right one amidst all that is pretty wishful thinking. That would be like finding the needle in a haystack.

Supernatural Sword

John gets a letter from a client who claims her husband is under the influence of some dark things. She says he blacks out, gets scratched and has experienced things. They have separated because of it, but she wants some answers so they can try to put their lives back together.

As John shows up on the property he gets scratched. This is the same claim the owner is making. They meet with him and go over the supposed cursed objects. There are a lot of crystals, several swords, and a tiki figure in the house with a hearse in the back yard.

Beth and John check out where the swords are located and get EMF spikes off them. They look around the walls and the outside but don’t see any wires which might explain the readings. When they come back in they claim the crystals fell off the wall and hit them. Brian checks out the shelves and decides they are pretty loose and the crystals just fell. Brian says coincidence, not paranormal.

During the nighttime investigation they bring out the Ghostbox which says “upstairs”, “no”, “Zaffis” and then repeatedly says “Eric”. They asks questions and get an admission this is the spirit that scratched John and has been bothering Eric. They feel the knocks are coming from the floor so they pull up the carpet. Low and behold they find a symbol which turns out to be the Cross of Salem. The cross has been used for good, but is also linked to Aleister Crowley and his dark magic. Aimee discovers there is rumor the previous owners may have practiced dark magic. That is a whole lot of rumor and speculation and so far they have no real evidence to support that. A scratch while getting out of a car isn’t conclusive of anything.

They have a symbol drawn on the floorboards. That’s not really indicative of anything either. For all they know that could have been put there by pranksters when the house was being built. Or maybe someone superstitious put it there as a protection symbol. But John feels the swords need to go since they could have been used in ceremonies and he’ll deal with that symbol and get rid of it. Again, I think they’re jumping to conclusions. They have the rumor of rituals, swords that are ceremonial more than practical and a symbol on the floor which may or may not harmful. Lots of conjecture in this one.

And that’s it for the first season of Haunted Collector. What did you think? Are you a believer that items themselves can be haunted and causes paranormal activity in a location? Did John and his team find enough evidence to support that claim? Should be a second season of Haunted Collector?

Drop me a comment and tell me what you think.

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