Haunted Collector – Ghost of Geneva and Fort Fear – S03E07

Geneva, New York

For the first part of the episode, John heads to Geneva, New York to help a woman who’s having some problems in her own home. She’s experienced being pushed, the shower curtain has been whisked open, her sheets have been torn, she’s been scratched and she’s seen an apparition. Margaret, the home owner, also notes that she had a relative convicted of murder. Oh, he was indeed a bad guy; responsible for raping and killing a woman. Sounds like a hell of time in her house!

They start off an investigation with Margaret participating. She claims she’s heard the names Beth and Tom. When calling out those names, they get a response for Tom and then John nearly jumps off the couch as he’s being touched by something unknown. There was a lot of bleeping going on there.

Brian and Chris investigate the bathroom and quickly dismiss the claims of the shower curtain. Much to their surprise, as they leave the bathroom they hear the sound of the shower curtain moving. Did it really move? Is it truly level?

For the second night of the investigation Jason and Jesslyn visit the site where William Fee would have been hung for the murder and rape. When asking about the beams and if he was hung from them they get multiple responses. It seems William is ready to confess to his crimes. However, he doesn’t give any responses when asked if he’s causing the issues at Margaret’s house. Seems there is another spirit.

Brian and John investigate the bathroom and capture what appears to be a figure in the shower curtain. The first question to ask, isn’t that a reflection of John or Brian? They just proved that John’s heat and reflection were projecting onto the shears, but that same principle wouldn’t apply to the shower curtain? I must say, I’m a bit confused by that. I think they’re looking at themselves.

John does some investigation and finds out there was a boy abandoned during the war who took on the name Thomas. He was taken in by the soldiers, but would die of smallpox within a year. Tom is the name that Margaret says she heard and it’s the name John was saying when he was touched. He draws the conclusion that Thomas is the boy they saw in the shower curtain and is the spirit in the house. John makes a small marker to commemorate his passing.

That all sounds well and good, but let’s back up a minute. Margaret says she was pushed, pinched, scratched and that the bed sheets were torn. Thomas is responsible for this and there is nothing to worry about? It we take Margaret’s claims as true then this is one vengeful kid hell bent on destruction. To me there is a massive disconnect here. What John is saying and what Margaret is supposedly experiencing don’t match up. Are we just going to ignore all the violence?  Are you really saying a three year old would be capable of all those things? If not, then maybe you ended thing a little soon and more investigation needs to be done.

Fort Wayne – Detroit, Michigan

For the second part of the episode, John heads to Detroit, Michigan to investigate Fort Wayne where there are reports of people being pinched, hair being pulled, the sounds of footsteps and the sight of a figure who then rushed the two tour guides. His presence left a cold blast of air behind.

During the first part of the investigation, Brian believes he sees a dark figure darting across the grounds outside. He and Chris give chase, but they aren’t able to find anything. They also hear the sound of pencils falling to the floor, but Brian isn’t convinced it had anything to do with the paranormal. This may also explain some of the noises other people here.

On the second night of the investigation, Chris, Brian and Jason search the grounds for this shadow figure. They come across a building with a bulb flickering in the basement. Like moths to a flame they investigate. It leads them to a box where they uncover roofing spikes that would have been attached to your boots. They believe these correspond to the death of a roofer during the riots of 1967, where a man was mistaken for a sniper and was gunned down. He was in fact trying to fight the fire that had broken out. John believes this is the connection and feels the spikes should be placed on display.

It seems awfully convenient that the light was flickering and that after all these years a pair of old roofing spikes would be in a cardboard box just waiting to be discovered. They didn’t have to do any digging or even any real searching. They just turn around and poof there a box full of relevant antiques. I wish I had that kind of luck.

Both of these episodes come across a little suspect to me. I don’t think John has his facts straight for the first part and the second has a tinge of planted evidence to it. But maybe that’s just me.

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