Haunted Collector – Emmitt House Ghosts and Shadow Intruder – S03E05

Emmitt House Ghosts

The James Emmitt House was built in the 1850’s, but burned down killing 3 people. The house was rebuilt, but this time out of brick. James Emmitt was the first millionaire in the area and ruled over the town because of his wealth. As with a lot of those towns in that time period he would have had a major say and influence over how things worked. Currently the house is under renovations and Ashley has experienced many things including apparitions, shadow figures, voices, the smell of smoke and even the feeling of being choked.

For the first part of the investigation Brian and Jason turn on a smoke machine to simulate a fire. Since this is when 3 people died they view it as a trigger object. Strangely while the machine is running it looks like there is a whirlpool where the smoke is draining away. It looks like water going down a drain. It’s very visible on the camera, but when Brian and Jason look for themselves nothing is there. Is this some weird camera glitch or matrixing?

Meanwhile, John, Aimee and Chris ask questions if someone was hurt. They get the response of "Emmitt".

To try and find the cause of the weird whirlpool effect, Brian gets a snake scope and looks under the boards. They find what look like articles of clothing and pull up the boards. Turns out to be a black lace veil and a patch box. These would have been used to hide the effects of the smallpox epidemic. It also becomes known that James Emmitt lost most of his family to smallpox. John removes the veil and the patch box as a reminder of the dark time and that seems to stop the activity.

Shadow Intruder

For the next part, John meets up with Pam who’s being attacked by spirits in her home. She has multiple deep scratches, but there is also pounding on the windows, shadow figures and someone playing the piano. Pam admits that there have been multiple deaths in the family recently. It seems there is a lot of energy surrounding Pam.

As they start the investigation they feel the scratches might be perfectly normal, that Pam may have simply hurt herself in the middle of the night. To that end they set up cameras to watch her sleep. Low and behold during the night a shadow figure is seen sweeping across the bed. Pam seems to react to it by rolling over right as it would have touched her. Certainly and odd thing to have happen while you’re sleeping.

When Aimee is investigating the living room she asks if Pam is in the spirit’s space, the piano in the next room starts to play. It only plays for a moment then stops. Oddly, when Chris gets it to play, it’s a different tune. It’s a player piano so starting up on it’s own wouldn’t be that big a deal, but a different tune?

While Jason is investigating with John, he asks if someone came in with the coin that Corey took from the cemetery. Moments later John says he feels something on is arm and there is a welt.

Suspecting there is something related to this coin, since Corey took it out of a cemetery which is a totally bad idea (didn’t he see the cursed idol episode of the Brady Bunch), John has the coin investigated. Turns out it’s related to the Wallace Brother’s Circus. In their day circuses were huge and elaborate attractions. Unfortunately, there was a major accident associated with this one. The Wallace Brother’s had two trains that slammed into each other killing 26 people. John feels the coin is related to someone who may have died on that train and when Corey brought it home, he brought that energy with him. Out goes the coin, bound with salt and placed in a glass jar and all the problems come to a happy end. not only did the paranormal activity stop, but the wounds on Pam’s arms healed.

As always, I feel there is a lack of evidence here. The swirling "pool" in the Emmitt House is very interesting and I’d really like to know what that was all about. It could have been an odd optical illusion, then again maybe it was a sign.

The shadow figure drifting over Pam was also very intriguing. Was that a real spirit moving or was it more an anomaly with the camera? Could it have been headlights outside making an odd shadow? I don’t think alone constitutes anything. Who knows where Pam got those scratches from, but it’s just as likely a natural event as anything else. But what about John? Did he experience something?

It’s sort of hard to say if all these events were truly paranormal or not.

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