Ghost Adventures – Brookdale Lodge – S07E09

image For this investigation we head out to Northern California to visit the Brookdale Lodge, a place I’ve never heard of before, but was clearly known to the celebrities and presidents that have frequented there. It sits in a lovely area amongst the trees and rivers and even has a creek running through the middle of the lodge. However, from the way the staff and others tell the tale, the lodge is showing it’s darker side.

First, we have Sarah Logan who apparently drowned in 1918 when she fell, hit her head on the rocks. This same creek now runs through the center of the lodge.

There is also another drowning, of a young girl at the age of 13. In 1972 she was swimming on the glass bottomed pool and sadly drowned, quite possibly while guests looked on.

When it comes to physical manifestations, two members of the housekeeping staff have some rather forceful stories to tell. Denise was pushed so hard that her nose was broken and bruises appeared on her back. A young boy named Keenan was cleaning the stairs when his nose was slammed into those same stairs and he walked away with a massive bloody nose.

Jeff Dweyer, who lead the GAC on their Winchester House tour, saw the apparition Sarah Logan when he visited the lodge nearly 30 years ago.

From the descriptions it sounds like there is a lot more going on than just the spirit of Sarah Logan. If the claims are to be believed, there is a dark and violent presence within the building.

As the investigation gets underway, the team hears a few loud bangs, what they think is the whistle of a little girl, the feeling of cobwebs all over the face and hands and they experience the RemPod going off. They don’t get anything near the violent outbursts that the housekeeping staff have experienced, but they do get something interesting on the thermal imager. As they scan the room, there appears to be a fourth figure with them. Behind Nick, the torso of a person appears. Is this simply an odd reflection or is this the image of one of the girls who died in the lodge? Is it Sarah who died in the creek or the girl who drowned in the pool?

An interesting twist is bringing in Grace, Zak’s dog. As many people claim, dogs may be better able to see into the spirit world than we can. Was Gracie reacting to something up on the ledge by the bathroom? The same bathroom where Denise the housekeeper got locked in the bathroom? Or is Grace simply playing around and is just messing with something on the wall?

While the evidence doesn’t quite match up with the violence reported, this does sound like an interesting place. A beautiful place that is sadly looking like it will be abandoned. The question is, why is the spirit acting up now? If Sarah has been around all this time, why starting getting rough at this late stage? Wouldn’t one of the many celebrities said something? Or has something more sinister taken hold there? Is this some new force that’s acting up?

Is the business closing down because of the spirit activity or will the activity bring about a business revival?

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